Toddler Conversations Series #1



Waking up from naptime one afternoon and seeing Jakei sleeping on Mama’s tummy,  Jade pats her brother on the back and exclaims, “Jakei is sleeping.”  But then continues patting her brother’s back oblivious to my reprimand.  Naturally, Jakei wakes up and sits drowsily.  Jade cups his sleepy face in her hands, places her face an inch away from his, and exclaims, “Jakei are you awake?!  Are you awake Jakei? YES!  You’re awake Jakei.”


At breakfast one weekday morning, Jade watches Mama prepare her choco drink.

Jade:  Mama, what’s that?

Mama: It’s Milo.  It’s Mama’s hot chocolate.  (hands an empty sachet of Milo to Jade)

Jade: (after scrutinizing the sachet for a few seconds)  Mama, look it’s Milo!  Can you say that – Milo?  MIIII – LO!


One Tuesday afternoon, after a long weekend bonding with Papa, Jakei wakes from his nap and realizes that Papa is not in the room.

Jakei:  Papa…Papa…Papa…

Jade:  Papa’s in the office.

Jakei:  Papa…Papa…

Jade:  Papa’s not here.

Jakei:  Papa…Papa…(on the verge of tears)

Jade:  Jakei, don’t cry.  Papa’s in the office.  He’ll be home later.


As Mama was scrubbing the ink stains from Jade’s hands during bathtime:

Mama:  Your hands are so dirty, anak.  Look at that.  What ‘re on your hands?

Jade:  Colors.

Mama: Hay, they’re so DIRty.

Jade:  But I’m just working, Mama.

(Note to Mama:  Painting, drawing, scribbling, and all other fun messy activities are part of a toddlers’ day.  So, credit dirty hands to work-related accidents.)

 ***05.19.2010 ***

At bedtime tonight, Jade, who was still trying her very best NOT to fall asleep, took a peek inside Jakei’s playpen. When she saw Jakei sleeping, she turned to me and said, “Jakei sleeping”. Then she promptly turned around again and yelled at Jakei, “Jakei! Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up, Jakei!”


Jade watched the Good Friday procession from or second floor window. She kept saying “Jesus” throughout the procession. Two days after, she would still ask to be carried so she could look at Jesus outside the window. I finally told her, “Jade, Jesus is not outside. Jesus is in your heart.” Upon hearing this, Jade sat on the floor, lifted her shirt, frantically looking for Jesus, while saying, “Jesus, Jesus, heart. lubdup, lubdup. Jesus


  1. this is so cute and funny! 🙂

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