Mommy Moments: Birthday Fun

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I’m the only one who has already celebrated her birthday this year as the rest of the family will be celebrating theirs on the third quarter of the year.  We were scheduled to go out for dinner to celebrate my very special day but I had the sniffles and a throbbing headache.  So when hubby got home from the office, he ordered me to rest and went out to buy dinner.


Which turned out to be quite a birthday feast!

 photo BDayfood.jpg

pinakbet, asparagus, garlic shrimps and crispy shrimps

 photo BDayfood2.jpg

My all-time faves!!! sinigang na hipon, inihaw na pusit, kare-kare, and lumpiang shanghai

My toddlers loved the food and ate with much gusto!

 photo BDaykids.jpg

crunchy crispy kangkong for the little girl lumpiang shanghai for the hungry li’l boy

My sister brought home a cake for us to share.  The toddlers were so eager to eat the cake and couldn’t even wait for it to be sliced.  Jade loved the cherries and would probably have eaten all if we didn’t tell her she’d get a tummy ache for having eaten too much already.

 photo BDaycake.jpg

White Forest from Red Ribbon – Yum!!!

We didn’t get to go out for a fancy dinner, but the family was complete and the toddlers made us laugh with their silly antics.   For this, my birthday feast at home would always be one of the happiest celebrations in my life.


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  1. White forest is yummy! I love the photo where the kids can’t resist the cake! haha! Please also check out my entry . Thanks!

  2. Glad that you are feeling better now. I have to try making crispy kangkong, baka kainin din ni Una. You ordered all that food? Wow! Saang restaurant yan Olga? Parang fiesta! Nakakagutom! Lalo na yung kare-kare, shrimp at pinakbet!

  3. ay so cute naman…and kudos to the hubby for being thoughtful! 😀

    mom, I now have a blog contest for Mother’s Day. I hope you and your readers can join. Paki promote naman please. thanks po! 😀

    Remembering Mama Contest

  4. Loved the photos of your kids. They sure are enjoying the great food prepared by mommy for their birthdays. 🙂 My Mommy Moments Hope you can visit mine too.

  5. wow lots of foods and i agree, its a feast, your hubby knows how to pamper the birthday girl…and your kids are cute. they made your birthday great, i am sure! btw, followed you, hope you can follow me back…thank you! have a great weekend! -PinayMum – Mommy’s Life Around…

  6. wow! that was a GRAND birthday! a lot of food, too!

  7. All my favorite food! you should’ve invited me. lol 🙂
    And the cake….pure heaven!
    Here’s my late MM entry

  8. Love u gah!

  9. yummy birthday! 😀 happy mommy moments!

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