Cheese Bakes and Latte at Figaro

Whenever I am given the chance to spend a few hours away from home to de-stress and recharge, one of the places I often go to is Figaro. Aside from it being less crowded than other coffee shops, I love its homey atmosphere and rustic surroundings.  It is also the nearest coffee shop from our house which makes it a very convenient getaway for this stressed out mom.

After pampering myself with a facial at Flawless Face and Body Center, I gave in to the cravings of my tummy and had a quick snack at Figaro. Instead of ordering my usual White Choco Mocha, I opted to try their Butterscotch Vanilla Latte (P 115). As my tummy was nearly growling at that time, I also ordered a plate of Cheese Pimiento Bakes (P 129). I do love their cheese bakes and would, more often than not, order a plate of these rich and filling delights when I’m there for coffee.


Figaro: You Know Coffee

my soothing cup of latte

a plateful of Cheese Pimiento Cheese Bakes

rich, filling, and delightfully yummy cheese bake

The branch at SM Marikina was also strategically located on the second floor and had a great view of the Atrium that I was able to watch a performance of Philippine folk dances while sipping my coffee and enjoying my bakes.

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