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I am blessed to have the luxury to stay at home and be with the children without having to worry about paying the bills and such matters.  My husband enslaved by the corporate jungle is the one who toils in a boring office room to provide for all our needs.  Since his work robs precious time with the toddlers, he tries to make the most of weekends and evenings he gets to spend with the little ones.


going shirtless one very hot summer day

relaxing one cool morning




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  1. It’s wonderful that Daddy can still take the time to have fun with the kids. Happy Father’s Day!

    Visiting from Mommy Moments!

  2. cute posts … love the grrr part

    happy father’s day!!!

    Here’s my Daddy Moment

  3. Sabik si daddy sa mga bata hehe…

  4. I really admire working dads who still find time to spend quality time with their children! This simply shows how much they love their kids. Happy MM! I hope you can visit my entry, too. Thanks!

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  5. i do hope the kids know why papa has to work… mahal ko kayo mga anak! syempre mahal na mahal ko ang asawa ko! haaayyyy!

  6. Thanks for the visit, Mommy! 🙂
    Love the make-faces pix!!
    It’s really a great happiness to us Moms seeing our babies having a great time with Dad. Nakakawala ng pagod! 🙂

  7. love your daddy-moments photos!

  8. thumbs up for your very hardworking husband, happy father’s day to him! the make-faces photos are very cute! 🙂

    thanks for visiting my entry and have a blessed week! 🙂

  9. awww! love your pics especially the last 3 at the bottom, lol!

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  10. love your post! 😀 happy father’s day to him too