Mini Art Exhibit and Workshop for our Mini-Me’s

My toddlers’ birthdays are only two weeks apart so we’ve opted to celebrate both at the same time.  Last year, they had a Jollibee-day with several of our relatives and friends to make the little boy’s 1st birthday special.  This year though, we decided to just invite their friends who live next door for some cake and sandwiches.

Since the year started, my toddlers have accumulated quite a number of artwork. I’ve been meaning to hold an art exhibit to showcase their work but have not found time to execute my plans.  With my husband’s and my sister’s help, we were able to display some of their best artwork on our wall in time for the toddlers’ birthday celebration.

there's no place for Picasso or Monet on this wall

I prepared only four activities for our mini-workshop.  We had sandpaper art, fish origami, leaf imprints and dog origami.  I didn’t include anything that entailed the use of paint or watercolor as I didn’t want them to become too dirty come snacktime. The toddlers’ friends requested a painting session so we’re scheduling another mini-art workshop this month.

For snack time, we only prepared baked macaroni, bologna mini-buns, cheese sticks, hotdogs, and cupcakes.  We were supposed to serve carrot sticks and celery sticks along with the cheese sticks but I wasn’t able to prepare them in time for the party.  We also had three different juice flavors to match the toddlers’ colorful artwork. We had purple grape juice, red strawberry juice, and orange juice.  The mini cupcakes were bought from Shoppersville Bakeshop whose sugar icing my sisters and I love to bits.

sugar-high with mini-cupcakes

After the mini-workshop and snack, we voted for the best work for each art activity and gave out tokens.  Instead of a candy-filled lootbag, our guests went home with an envelope full of art materials so they can hone their own creativity in their own homes too.


  1. Pretty good idea for a nice birthday celebration! 🙂 love it!

    Spanish Pinay

  2. del lautchang says

    where to buy the happy birthday candles? I’m scheduled to order some cupcakes at shoppersville for my daughters bday.

    • I bought the birthday candles from Japan Home. I don’t know though if they are still available. Do try to visit a branch and check out their party supplies.

  3. where did you buy the happy birthday gumpaste the yellow and blue?thanks.

    • Do you mean the cupcakes with the letters? We bought them at Shoppersville Bakeshop in Katipunan Avenue. The mini-cupcakes with sugar icing were also bought there.

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