PLAYHouse PreSCHOOL: Space Exploration Week Wrap-Up Day

We’ve had space-related activities every morning this past week.  Before some of you think that I’m this “tiger mom” torturing my toddlers with learning activities, let me clarify that these lessons actually take only an hour or two  (even less than an hour for Jakei) each morning.  The toddlers are pretty much allowed to do whatever they want to do the rest of the day.

So, we’ve explored space this entire week and the toddlers are now familiar with the planets and other objects seen in space.  Of the eight planets, Jade can now identify Mercury, Venus, Earth, Jupiter and Saturn. She knows that Mercury is the smallest planet and that Jupiter is the biggest.  Jakei can identify only the planet Earth but with some help, he is able to distinguish planets from non-planets.

Their vocabulary words for this week included: astronaut, asteroid, space shuttle, space station, satellite, comet, sun, moon, stars, constellation and planets.  I also bought them a small plastic globe where Jade can now easily spot the Philippines.

Toddlers exploring the Solar System through Tots School

Space Exploration Week: Thinking Tuesday

Next week, we’ll be learning more about Plants.  This was Jade’s choice when I asked her to choose between plants and animals. I do hope I’ll have the energy to sustain our playhouse preschool seeing that the toddlers are having fun learning about new things.


  1. way to go mommy! 😀 i am so blessed to see that you are homeschooling your toddlers! 😀 truly rewarding isn’t it?

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