Toddler Crafts for Our Nature Tripping Week

We has an unscheduled trip to the pediatrician last Wednesday so our Wonderrful World of Wednesday session was postponed.  We had our art activities this morning and as always, we made quite a mess.

Our arts and crafts activities followed this week’s theme which was all about plants.  We started with leaf imprints, puncher-art, and a make-a-garden craft using recycled materials.

We have previously done leaf imprinting so the toddlers already knew what to do. Jakei’s leaf imprints this morning were much more better than those he did before.

Our second art activity which I call puncher-art was too tedious a task for the toddlers so we ended up making more of a mess than art.  For this activity, I used a puncher to make tiny circles from colored papers. I then asked the toddlers to stick the circles onto a printed template.  Jade did try to finish a couple of leaves but soon got bored and started playing with the circles and sprinkling them all over the table. Which was exactly what Jakei was doing right at the beginning.  This kind of activity I would have to postpone until the toddlers are A LOT older.

Our last activity involved materials I scavenged around the house.  The toddlers colored some paper flowers which we attached to plastic stirrers and placed in an inverted bowl.  I’ll make a post with more detailed instructions on how we made our own garden this weekend.


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