Mommy Moments: Teaching Our Young Ones The Value Of Money

Yey! I’m finally able to join Mommy Moments again. I did miss going through wonderful entries of other moms. The themes for September are all tips which moms can share with one another. I definitely need to join this as I’m sure to learn valuable tips from you Moms.

I’m no expert in this field but we do our best to teach the toddlers the value of money. Young as they are, the toddlers are already being taught the concept of money. We tell them how we work to earn money, how to spend it wisely, and how to save for the rainy days.

We explain to them how we their parents work hard to earn money so we would have food, shelter and other basic needs. When they are a bit older and are capable of doing chores, we plan on giving them “salaries” for chores they do.  We’ll be giving them three money jars each to allocate their “salaries”: One for savings, one for sharing, and one for spending. Hopefully, this would help them be more responsible in handling money when they are older.


with their coin banks

When we go out, we allow them to pay for purchases made. This shows them that money is needed to buy the things that we want and need.  We also stress that “needs” come before “wants.” Thankfully, they do not make a scene when told that we can’t get something they want because we have no more money for it.

We take them to the bank when we deposit funds in their accounts.  This practice of saving we wish for them to keep until they are grown up.


with their Junior Savers Club passbook

We really don’t want them to grow up thinking that money is the most important thing in the life, but we do want to teach them to be responsible adults capable of providing for their own needs. Now I look forward to more ideas on how to teach my little ones to save from the Moms who joined this week’s Mommy Moments.

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  1. Visiting from MM. Thanks for sharing and have a happy and safe weekend!!!

  2. Money jars/ banks are indeed perfect for kids! They enjoy it at the same time, they learn the value of saving. Great one, sis!

    My MM Saving Tips for this week is up, too! I welcome your visit if you have a chance! 😉

  3. “We tell them how we work to earn money, how to spend it wisely, and how to save for the rainy days.” I like that. I think you nailed it. And thanks for dropping by my nook. I enjoyed visiting yours.

  4. I really learned from what you are sharing here, thank you. My kids doesn’t have savings account though but whenever I go to the bank I always brought them there. Thanks for the visit thanks.

  5. i like the idea of keeping three different jars for three different things…money jars, like piggy/coin banks are great way to start kiddie savers…

    hope you can also take a look at ourour saving tips

  6. very good idea! even as young as they are, when taught how to budget money wisely.. they will be able to handle their money well when they grow up! 🙂 glad you joined us this week Olga!

  7. cheapcallsphilippines says

    its great that your kids are learning the value of money. Good advice! nice post. 🙂

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