PLAYhouse preSCHOOL – Fun Learning Time With The Family

My sisters and I all started school at age 3. My two nieces started school at age 3 also. Naturally, I also wanted my little Jade to go to school at age 3, which should have been this school year. Due to her frail health, we had been advised to put off sending her to school. We were told that school would greatly increase her chances of acquiring ailments and diseases.

This is the primary reason why I am home schooling her and her little brother. If I can be honest, I would have loved it if I could send them to boarding schools eventually (I did a bit of research on some, like Along with the amazing education programs, they can provide you with a large amount of extra-curriculars there, including sports, music, dance, arts and crafts, and so much more. But of course, my babies’ safety and health will always come first, which is why we picked home schooling. Ours is not a formal home school though. We do not follow any specific curriculum nor are we enrolled in any affiliate school, but rather we look to personalized learning to make the most of being home schooled. This is something which we will probably do as they get older as well. Ours is more likely the very same “home school” our parents had when preschools were not yet part of the educational system. We call our home school “PLAYhouse preSCHOOL”. We play school in the house in preparation for formal schooling. More often than not, we do more of the “play” than the “school” though.

Our PLAYhouse preSCHOOL sessions give them structure and hopefully enough discipline to eventually do well in school and in life. Our schedule is very flexible. There are days when I am swamped with work for my tutorials and days when I have errands to run. During these days, the toddlers are pretty much left to do whatever it is that they want to do. But the great thing about being at home with my children is that we get to make every activity a learning one. Though we may miss several of our morning sessions, we make up for them with short lessons during the day. I’m also thinking about buying different things that I can incorporate in our house and garden that will make it feel like they are actually attending school and pre-school so that they are able to get the full experience. I’ve noticed that playgrounds like to use types of polyethylene sheets for their equipment, which is also beneficial as it is environmentally friendly. HDPE is easy to fabricate and weld so it shouldn’t be too hard for us to make our own little playground in the garden for our children so they can have a lot of fun whilst spending time away from their work. That’s if we decide to do it; the most important thing is that we give them the education that they deserve.

In our PLAYhouse preSCHOOL, we do almost the same thing toddlers do in regular school but we get to do it as a family. And for me, that’s the best part about home schooling!


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