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I’ve been working as a tutor to grade school and high school students for more than a decade now. When I first started conducting tutorials, my only sources when creating worksheets were textbooks and workbooks. As years passed, I’ve discovered several great sites that made things a lot easier for me and also for those I tutor. There are many different kinds of online student resources that can help people grow and develop, from career advice to getting into college. Here are some of the sites I find pretty useful:

For Grade School worksheets:

For High School worksheets:

There are plenty of other sites that offer free worksheets though the ones I’ve listed are those that I use often. I hope you moms find these sites useful in preparing your children for their Third Quarterly Exams in school.




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  2. Thank you for sharing the links! It will be very useful for me because I want my kids to have something to do when they don’t have homework.

  3. Thanks for the info… badly need this one!

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  6. Great info. I’ve had checked their site and it’s really helpful. I even took a screenshot of this page so I wont forget the site. 🙂

  7. thanks for sharing this, I will bookmark it para may magamit ako pang tutor sa anak ko 🙂 he is in grade school now 🙂

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  10. this is really quite an informative post. i will make sure to bookmark this list, i never know when this will come handy for me and my little man 🙂

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    I make time in browsing free online worksheets that my daughter can work on.. she enjoys interactive worksheet.

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  17. thank you for the information..maraming matutuwa dito tsaka daming links

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  19. Thanks for this info.its help big a lot for mother like me. I tried help a lot during review

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    It’s great that i found a blog na may ganitong post very informative and i’m one of those moms na nagri-research talaga ng mga online sites na may free resources and worksheets for my active and smart son thank you very much it will help a lot for sure. Nice blog.

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    thank you very much for sharing these links. although my son is not yet on school, i would tell my mommy-officemates about this.

  29. elinor semira says

    thanks for sharing those sites. it will be very helpful to the students and parents as well. i hope to use it in the future when my daughter is already in grade school. she is in kindergarten now.

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