Mom Fashionista Wannabe

I’ve never really been fashionable nor trendy.  I grew up old with shorts, t-shirts and jeans worn with sneakers or comfy sandals which I would wear almost everywhere. You’d find a couple of dresses and blouses in my wardrobe but these are worn only during special occassions.   Probably 90% of the clothes I own are t-shirts and tank tops.

However,  I have resolved to start dressing a bit more my age and have started to update my wardrobe with dresses, blouses, leggings, and pants.  I want to look mature not matronly so I’m very partial to chic designs and trendy cuts. 

Of course, a change in wardrobe necessitates new shoes to match my new look. Platforms have recently been back in the fashion scene and along with funky wedges, material girl sandals are on top of my shoe wardrobe must-haves this year.  I’ve already seen some great ones with animal prints, floral designs, and elegant neutrals.  I’m thinking of buying a pair of cork wedge sandals before the sale season ends.  Aside from giving me a much needed boost in height, wedges are also quite comfortable.  I’d still be able to run after the kids while attempting to be a mom fashionista.  I don’t want to spend a fortune though revamping my image so I’d have to carefully choose shoes that would go well with most of my clothes.

I still have no qualms wearing worn shirts and shorts to the mall or to the grocery but I am really going to make an effort to look more polished and more mature every time I head out our door.