Would You Want To Have A Pair of Havaianas For Your Birthday?

Babies are such joys to be around and to hold dear to your heart. A few months ago, an old schoolmate of mine just welcomed a new addition to her family. It’s been great to see that both mother and child are doing very well and the little one is a bubbly, spirited little thing. They’re throwing a party soon in order to celebrate the child’s first birthday. From what I’ve heard, it’s going to be a pretty grand thing with lots of balloons, toys and even a clown. Needless to say I’ve been scouring the stores and various other websites in the hopes of finding a good gift.

Over the weeks, I’ve narrowed down a few possible choices and I’m thinking of getting a cute pair of baby and toddler sandals. The little one is going to be walking and running about soon so I thought that perhaps these would be appropriate for an active little child.

Images from http://us.havaianas.com/kids-baby-sandals/

Havaianas has an extensive collection of sandals, shoes, slippers, flip flops and baby footwear that’s enough to make any shopaholic or casual browser go weak in the knees. I even spotted a pair of white sandals that would look great with any outfit, from floaty maxi dresses to floral sundresses and even a casual jeans and shorts look. It’s so nice that so many things are available online now for the convenience of customers. They have easy payment systems and door to door delivery as well so there’s really no excuse why the perfect gift can’t be bought.


  1. Door to door havvies? Wow, meron na nun? 🙂

    • They do have that but only in the states. It would be wonderful if they could have free shipping here also, wouldn’t it?

  2. it would be nice to buy a new pair for my kids!

  3. I would like to have that for my Sundae..She just donated her pair of mickey mouse sandals.

  4. Lovely Havainas! I want to buy a pair of these to my mom and gf. hehe;-)

  5. I want a pair for my birthday! Haha, especially since my old pair broke after two years of service 🙁 Oh, you want to be careful when you let active kids use it, my son’s snapped off.

  6. Mine snapped off too :). Does that mean I’m too active? 🙂

  7. I would love to have them for my birthday too…I wanna find out if it’s really as good as they say it is.

  8. ma jessica valeros says

    how can i purchase one