Dine Without Worries With Clean Habits Spoon & Fork Wipes

At home, we always make sure that everything we use for our little ones are clean and germ-free. We have an arsenal of disinfectants and anti-bacterial dishwashing liquids to ensure that our little ones are safe from harmful bacteria.

But what happens when we dine out? We’ll look silly if we bring our cleaning arsenal with us just to be certain that utensils, plates, and glasses are clean enough for our children. Well, we have found a new ally that lets us “enjoy meals without doubts” – Clean Habits Spoon & Fork Wipes.


I found these in a bazaar and bought several to use at home and to keep in my bag ready to be used when we dine out. Clean Habits Spoon & Fork Wipes are specially formulated from edible and natural ingredients which mean they are safe for our little ones. They don’t leave any odor or aftertaste. This may be because they contain no toxins or harsh chemicals.

Though meant specifically for making sure that utensils are clean, these wipes can also be used to clean plates, glasses, soda cans (which you should ALWAYS wipe before opening), and the phone receiver. You can also safely use them on children’s toys and accessories.

They really are quite handy! I can’t seem to find them though in major supermarkets so I’m always on the lookout for them during bazaars. Do let me know if you come across them in any supermarket.


  1. Moms with kids like us need lots of these! I’ll check these out in the grocery this weekend.

  2. great find olga…i also want to have these. hope we can get these in the supermarkets. thanks for sharing!

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