Five Tools For A Successful Homeschooling

Last Saturday,  HAPI (Homeschooling Association of the Philippine Islands) shared the wonderful benefits of homeschooling with parents who were at the Expo Kid 4 at Rockwell Tent.   Emphasizing the need to lay a strong foundation for our children,  they shared with us the five TOOLS needed for a successful do-it-yourself education.

  1. The RULER represents the learning context.  Homeschoolers can choose the homeschool provider that best fits their family or can opt to be independent of one.  Whatever they choose, there should be Dep Ed supervision.
  2. The HAMMER represents the learning content or the curriculum.  This can be customized as there is a wide range of curricula and textbooks to choose from.
  3. The SANDPAPER represents enrichment activities that hone the talent and skills of the homeschooler.  Homeschoolers can enrol their children in music, arts, or sports programs to best utilize their God-given talents.
  4. The SHARPENING STEEL represents the support group where like-minded and helpful parents share parenting ideas and homeschool help.  The H.O.M.E. Library is one such group that provides encouragement to those who are homeschooling.
  5. The PLUMB LINE represents the purpose which shall guide the family throughout their homeschooling journey. This is the most important tool for all and you, as a parent, must define a clear purpose before you embark on the homeschooling journey.

The PRODUCTS of successful homeschooling also shared their experiences and why they choose to homeschool their children as well.  Louise Mabulo, a finalist in the first Junior Masterchef, shared how difficult it was for her to adjust to the local culture when her family moved to Camarines Sur.  The language barrier left her isolated from her classmates and caused her grades to drop.  Things changed for the better when they started homeschooling through TMA.  Homeschooling has enabled her to pursue her dream of becoming a young chef and has allowed her to meet respected politicians and statesmen.

Paul Tan-Chi, the captain of the Ateneo Blue Eagles before graduating Cum Laude, is also an exceptional example of how successful homeschoolers turn out to be.  He credits his success to the values his parents inculcated in him at a very young age. He remembers being told to “Do your best in everything you do for God’s glory” and to this day, he always asks himself before making decisions, “What will bring glory and honor to God?”

We parents, as BUILDERS of a strong family foundation, must lay the values system of our children.  Undoubtedly, this is not an easy task and we need all the support we can get.   God has given us such wonderful gifts, our children, to nurture and to raise.  With God as the architect, the Master Planner, of our D.I.Y. Homeschooling, let us help our children achieve their full potential for His glory.


  1. i strongly agree that we parents are builders of a strong family foundation at the same time educators too, homeschooling my youngest son was my first option when he was diagnosed with adhd at age 7, but my husband value social interaction in personality development and want him grow up the natural way inspite of his disease