Hubby’s Tips on Riding Safely

When hubby came home with a new motorcycle a couple of years ago, I was furious. Aside from the fact that he made a major purchase without even giving me a hint about it, I thought he was rash, insensitive and irresponsible for wanting to ride a motorcycle and putting his life at risk. That reaction just masked my fear of his getting into an accident like the many motorcycle accidents I hear on the news each week. Thankfully, hubby has stayed accident-free for the two years he’s had his motorcycle. However, this isn’t the case for other motorcycle owners, some of whom have found themselves in terrible accidents through no fault of their own and are waiting to see if they can access their accident settlement from motorcycle insurance claims.

Though I know he is a responsible rider, I still can’t help worrying about his safety when he is out riding his bike. He constantly reassures me though that he takes utmost care and even briefs me through the safety precautions he takes. Among his tips on riding safely:

  1. Wear proper riding gear. This includes sturdy, reliable, and proper-fitting motorcycle helmets and protective gear. You might even want to invest in some motorcycle helmet cameras so you can record your journey.
  2. Be a defensive driver. Being on two wheels doesn’t exempt you from certain traffic rules. You are using the very same road that other vehicles are using so be a responsible driver and follow the traffic rules.
  3. Know what do after a crash. This means making sure you know what to do if someone is injured so you can deal with it while the emergency services arrive. It also means that you could know where to go if you need to sort out any Motorcycle Accident Settlements so you can get any compensation if you’re entitled to it.

  4. Check your bike before riding. Just like any other vehicle, hubby checks his motorcycle before riding it. He makes sure that the engine is in good condition and all the other parts are working and in order. If you are noticing that it might be time for an upgrade then you may want to find out how much your motorbike is worth? There are numerous places where you can do this online.

I’m certain that hubby is a safe and responsible rider; nonetheless, I still worry that some irresponsible rider or driver would cause him harm. However he insists that he’ll be safe, I always say a quiet prayer that angels would keep him safe every single time he rides his motorcycle.


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