Low Capital Business Opportunities with BeauQuest and La Reine Nail and Day Spa

With prices skyrocketing and interest rates on deposits falling way below the rate of inflation, it’s more practical to invest your money in business than to keep it in a savings account. However, many find starting a business too risky thinking that doing so entails a huge capital. And, true, you will need to spend money on some things, like getting a 409a valuation startup document done, but those will all be necessary expenses to help you get up and running. But it’s not just finances that go into creating a business. The entire process of starting a business can seem really scary, but if you start it the right way by choosing a company formation agent, you’ll find it easier. You’ll then have registered your company with many perks, including the possibility of free banking for a year. As well as looking to register your company, you’ll need to look into cleaning services that can come in after office hours and clean the office down. To find the cheapest quotes, you may want to look for companies associated wth Poppies through their franchising scheme (https://poppies.co.uk/franchising/
for more information on that).

Are you one of those who are skeptical about investing your hard-earned money? Well, you don’t have to risk thousands to start your own business. La Reine Nail and Day Spa and BeauQuest can help you be an entrepreneur with just a modest capital.


La Reine and Nail Spa provides a Day Spa experience in lavish surroundings at affordable prices. It offers its clients a place to relax and be pampered after a frenzied day. It strives to provide these services to a wider clientele by offering franchises to those who would like to embark on a new business venture. With an investment of Php 250,000, a franchisee will have a fully operational La Reine Nail and Day Spa. The entire franchise package is inclusive of the following:

  • Use of Trade Name and Logo
  • Operation’s Manual
  • Franchise Training and Seminar
  • Staff Training
  • Initial Stocks and Equipment
  • Customized Furniture and Lighting
  • Customized Staff Uniform
  • Marketing Materials such as flyers and tarpaulins
  • Signages

For more information about La Reine’s franchise package, visit them at #17 Annapolis Street, E. Rodriquez Sr, Cubao, Quezon City or call them at (02)966-0086.


More than supplying beauty products such as soaps, lotions and creams, BeauQuest also conducts trainings and seminars for those who would like to venture into business.

BeauQuest seeks to contribute to the improvement of the Philippine economy by marketing locally and globally demanded products and services through Participative Entrepreneurship. They have a business and marketing concept solution for would-be entrepreneurs. They provide an affordable do-it-yourself business along with knowledge and skills needed to market products and services.

They also conduct PRODUCTION AND TECHNICAL TRAINING WORKSHOPS ON HOW TO MAKE QUALITY, YET AFFORDABLE PERSONAL AND HOMECARE PRODUCTS using bio-degradable and natural raw materials for soaps, creams, lotions and other beauty essentials.

BeauQuest provides both raw materials and ready-made products for those who wish to start their own business. Kojic Acid Soap, Acne Soap, Slimming Soap and other bar soaps start at Php 18.00 each. So even if you only have Php 500 to start you off, you could still gain as much as Php 300 – even more than that if you could market it well.

For more information about BeauQuest’s products and business opportunities, visit http://beauquest.sulit.com.ph/ , http://beauquest.multiply.com/, or the BeauQuest Facebook page.


  1. A lot of people are looking for earning opportunities talaga especially now. Great post and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Kristina says

    Great post!I totally agree that it is better to start your with business a help of professionals.


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