Managing Websites Made Easy for Enterprising Moms

It’s kind of cool how technology has evolved to make sharing stories and storing keepsakes faster and more interesting. Just about every mom who has a computer and internet access can tell everyone about the latest interesting tidbit about anything and everything they like and love. Moms can even take things a bit further and make their private websites an enterprise to make extra money on the side. I’ve even heard of some moms deciding to reinvest some of that extra money into working with a professional similar to SEO Omaha to get even more traffic to their site.

It’s actually just like having a tete-a-tete with friends but earning from it at the same time. Some have planned on hiring website design services from digital marketing agencies like SERP Co ( to make their new enterprise website responsive. Because when you have a website tuned for better search engine optimization, it grows better!

You can also harness your sales acumen by doing eretailing right at your website or by setting up another linked website. As your enterprise grows, you would have the need for cloud hosting services that will address your increasing storage, application, and server demand. When you turn your website into an online business, you have to make sure that you are available to your readers and customers at all times.

A cloud host works like real estate in the virtual world. It gives you a space where your readers and customers can visit you anytime to gain access to all the amenities and facilities that they are looking for. You can choose to manage your own cloud or take advantage of managed application hosting services. While these services used to be available only to larger corporations and businesses, small business owners like you and other moms who want to manage their online business without having to worry about the technical stuff. These cloud services will help you tap into both the technical expertise of computing professional and the cost efficiencies of flexibility and speed. So, it’s definitely worth looking around to find the best services for you and your website. Take a look at for a starting point to see what they can offer you in terms of cloud hosting, then look around for the service that will benefit you most.


  1. It’s amazing how time flies and changes the lives of many families. With the help of technology, it is easier to teach our children bits of valuable information and compile important milestones. Thanks for sharing your article Ms. Olga ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Been hearing about it but I guess I will never really fully understand it until I try it myself. Thanks for providing links and for explaining a bit about how it works. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. i’m planning on getting an account with iCloud as all my gadgets are from Apple.

  5. yeah, its true that technology changes really fasts, and there are lots of options available for us to choose from. its a matter of identifying which one fits for us. Really nice info. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  8. Still on free-webhosting. I don’t feel the need to buy a domain yet but it’s good to know somthing like this exists. For now, I just want to write.

  9. Thanks to free public cloud accounts, we can have access to this amazing technology!

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  13. because of technology, full time moms can now utilize their extra time at home earning. they dont have to pursue an outdoor career. few clicks and they’re good to go…

  14. I’m not a geeky person. With regards to hosting and stuff that involves my blog, my friend does it all for me. Hahaha! Kaloka! Thanks for sharing this information with us though.

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  16. Just like Aileen, I don’t fully understand how this thing works… I’m a little skeptic about trying something I don’t have full knowledge about that’s why reading about it from your blog is very helpful for someone like me who knows very little about it.

    Thanks for sharing links too! I should try to understand this fully and try it myself.

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  17. Thanks for this. My sister and I were just talking about starting a business online, and since we are new to this, this could help.

  18. My wife is starting her mini-home-business and plans to sell it online. Once this got a hit, we could subscribe to cloud hosting.

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  21. Cloud hosting! What next? It’s really amazing how fast technology changes and develops.

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  23. You’re indeed an enterprising mom. Through you examples, through your experiences other moms will follow and earn money online. You’ve led them on how to do it. Keep on enterprising!

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  26. really amazing how technology advances

  27. I especially like dropbox out of all the free clouds on the internet:)

  28. Cloud is heaven. Almost all conceivable platforms have cloud to a certain extent. In fact, I was just marvelling at Soundcloud a while ago. Sighs. And yes, one of my biggest dreams is to become a work at home mom.

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  32. I used to keep a multiply store because its easier to maintain. Pro services like these need a lot of technical know-how. Thanks for the link though.

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  34. I’ve heard about cloud hosting but yet to personally try it. Am on shared hosting with litespeed and it works fine for me.

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