The Great Appliance Clean Up

Everyday we sweep the floor, we wipe the tables, tidy up rooms, and wash the dishes. We do always want our homes looking spic and span and as germ-free as possible.  However, we often take our most used appliances forgranted.  When was the last time you cleaned your airconditioner, your toaster, or even your electric fans?  Here are some appliances you should always clean regularly and some tips on how to do so properly:

OVEN TOASTER.  Clean the toaster after every use.  Remove the pan, rack, and crumb tray and wash them in hot soapy water then rinse thoroughly.  Make sure they’re dry before placing them back inside the toaster.

MICROWAVE. To avoid build up of dirt and grime, always give the interior of your microwave a quick wipe with a damp cloth daily.  Include this in your night time cleanup routine.  Once a week or every two weeks, give it a more thorough cleaning.  Make sure you unplug it before doing so.  Check for any damages while cleaning and call a technician if you do see one.  Your microwave may need RF microwave components that only a qualified technician can install.  Here are two options you can use in cleaning your microwave.

  • Steam Cleaning.  Soften grease buildup by placing a cup of water inside and letting it boil for a few minute then use a clean sponge to wipe the grease off.
  • Use Natural Cleansers.  Make a paste using equal parts of Baking Soda and Water or use a mixture of lemon juice and salt.  Apply this paste or mixure to the interior and let sit for about 15 minutes.  Wipe it off with a clean damp sponge.

ELECTRIC FAN. Here in the tropics, fans are often the most used appliance in the house and deserves a weekly cleaning and oiling.  Unplug the fan and remove the fan grill and blades.  Check your fan’s manual for instructions on how to do this. Proper cleaning of fan would depend on the material it is made off.

  • Plastic Parts.  Wash the fan grill and blades in warm soapy water, rinse well, and allow to dry completely.  Always make sure that the parts are dry before putting them back together.
  • Stainless Steel Parts.  Wipe the fan grill and blades with dry cloth.  Use a vacuum cleaner to clean them more thoroughly. Put a drop of oil on a clean cloth and wipe th fan grill and blades with it to prevent rusting.

REFRIGERATOR.  Always clean up food spills immediately to prevent the spread of bacteria.  Give your ref a thorough cleaning once a week. Unplug the ref and take everything out.  Store frozen products inside an ice chest to prevent thawing.  Discard any leftovers that cannot be eaten anymore and condiments that may be expired already.  Remove all shelves and bins and wash in warm soapy water.  Use soft cloth and soapy water to clean the interior and the door seals.  You may also opt to use a bakingsoda paste or a vinegar-water mixture to clean the interior.




  1. Thanks for sharing this information..

  2. that’s a nice info. I wish i can have a new refrigerator but i don’t know where to put the old one.

  3. thanks for these tips! I just wish I will not be lazy to do all these. haha!

  4. really useful info! 🙂

  5. I read somewhere that for microwave, you just put slices of lemon and turn on the microwave.

  6. I think we have never ever cleaned our oven toaster! We use it day in and out, without realizing the dirt consumed throughout the years. The tray is the only evident part that is regularly washed though.

    Thanks for this post!

  7. I always do with our microwave oven here. It is very important to be clean every now and then. Thanks for great info too.

  8. Nice tips. They really need to be clean to avoid rusting too.

  9. We clean our ref monthly, our fan weekly and our microwave oven every after use.
    (BC Blogger)

  10. This is really helpful especially for our oven toaster which gets really ikcy 🙂

  11. The ref is the toughest to clean for me, since it’s also the one most prone to food spills. I dislike cleaning electric fans too because of the disassembling part. But when I have cleaned that, it gives me a nice feeling, knowing the air blowing is not loaded with dust hehehe

  12. very helpful tips…I do clean our appliances but only on weekends:( I gotta push myself to do the cleaning daily

  13. Thank you very much for this useful information. I only got to clean our fan and refrigerator. Next will follow your ways on how to clean the microwave.:)

  14. thanks for this tips, I notice our electric fan is always dirty

  15. those tips are great, this helps prolong appliance life

  16. good tips here! been raining nonstop in mla, had the opportunity to stay home and do some clean house too! 🙂

  17. great tips especially about the electric fans, fans could cause fire when overheated because of stucked dirt and dusts. and the wind is cooler when the fan is newly cleaned! 🙂 besides who wants a fan that blew air and dust, especially when u got a kiddo who loves to sing to it? *because of the echo it creates hee hee

  18. Nice everyone should be doing this

  19. In the Philippines, we really need to make sure these appliances are always clean. Thanks for the tips and for the reminders as well.

    Visiting from CExchange August 14.

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