JUNIOR PRENEUR: Pursuit in Entrepreneurship for Young Minds

Have you heard of the OFW Reintegration Program where the government provides grants to OFWs to enable them to start their own businesses here in the country so there would be no need for them to work abroad? How about the One-Town One-Product (OTOP) Program which provides assistance to small and medium enterprises? These are just a couple of government programs geared towards promoting entrepreneurship to improve living standards and to ignite economic growth in the country.

Entrepreneurs are of significant economic value to our country and not only contribute to economic growth but also provide employment opportunities to many others. Its role in creating a strong economy is why entrepreneurship is being greatly promoted now.

Stir the entrepreneurial spirit in your children by teaching them how to earn money in their own little ways. Selling homemade cookies or repacked candies may be a good start for those still in grade school. Expose them also to activities where they can learn and be trained to be excellent businessmen. Who knows where this opportunity could lead to? This may be the start of their journey into becoming a very successful entrepreneur in the future. If they do, you must remember to tell them to get in touch with a marketing website that can help them to build their own site as well as helping their business to continue to grow with the use of SEO and social media (to name a few). And all of this can start by taking part in a Government program.

One such event is the JUNIOR PRENEUR where kids can be entrepreneurs even for just a day. This exercise in entrepreneurship for young minds provides an early training, much like a practicum, for young children to hone the skills they have learned in school. This bazaar will also be a good venue for teaching children the value of hard work.

If your child has already shown business acumen this early, support him and get him his own booth at the Junior Preneur. Let your child come up with the concept or unique theme for his own 2x3m booth. Be there at the People’s Village Tiendesitas on November 10, 2012 from 12:00-8:00pm and watch him make some profit. He may even win one of these special awards: Most Visited booth, Best in Booth design, Most unique concept and Highest sales booth.

Join Junior Preneur and let your child learn how to: earn, save, and donate to charity!




For updates, LIKE Junior Preneur on http://www.facebook.com/JuniorPreneur

Booth Spaces are priced at P5,000 and P3,000 depending on Location and Size. Last few booths are priced at P1,000 NOW Originally at P3,000 and P1,500 NOW Originally at P5,000

For Interested Parties for booth Reservation, please call the Secretariat office at 404-5736 (Mondays-Saturdays) 10-4pm or email info@juniorpreneur.org. You may also visit www.juniorpreneur.org for more information.


  1. when i was young, i used to repack candies and sell them for P1 each. I missed that thing.

  2. This looks interesting for the kids. Hope my kids can visit this.

  3. looks interesting indeed for kids..:)

  4. This is good for the kids! They’ll learn to be responsible at a young age. 🙂

  5. This is a fun way to cultivate the entrepreneur skills of the kids. Aside from early exposure and the right environment, support from parents are essential too.

  6. That’s really cool, I hope they have this till my kids are old enough to join.

  7. this is a great way of introducing entrepreneurship to kids. i remember selling stuff when i was in grade school too. 🙂

  8. This is a good program. 😀 Hope kids will learn a lot from this.

  9. Nice but I think the booth price is expensive. Well, what do I know? I live in the province. 😀

  10. Great program. Suitable for kids. Parents will surely love this.

  11. This is a great program and it’s even greater to start early with kids. We do need more entrepreneurs and break from the employee mindset. I like that donating to charity part also. It’s an important lesson to teach kids…to not only fend for themselves but give back to the community. 🙂

  12. This is a great event. It’s important kids start learning these things early and they carry it with them as they mature.

  13. I love this post of yours! My son loves selling stuff even his old clothes toy – like ukay-ukay style. I agree that kids should be taught to succeed in business apart from studying hard 🙂

  14. This is a nice workshop. I am sure my son will like it because he loves helping out.

  15. great to learn this junior preneur program

  16. Cool way to teach the kids the value and importance of earning money even if they are still kids! 🙂

  17. This kind of activity is a good exposure for kids so they will desire to be entrepreneurs someday and not just employees 🙂

  18. i remember when I was in grade school I sell pulvoron and yemma. I put my profit coins in a piggy bank and when Christmas comes I buy it with my dress and toys.

  19. start business while young, this is nice event.. 🙂

  20. That’s a really fun way for kids to try out and do business. Great chance for them to learn.

  21. great event

  22. cute fun! 🙂


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