Considering Swimming Lessons After A Fun Day at ACE Water Spa

A couple of weekends ago, we finally found time to take the little ones to ACE Water Spa.  We were actually obliged to go because the vouchers hubby bought were to expire the following day. 😛

Hubby was looking forward to trying the hydrotherapy massages and the hot herbal pools.  Our little kids couldn’t be brought to the hot pools though and I couldn’t handle both the kids on my own so we spent the first couple of hours taking the kids round the different areas of ACE Water Spa.

The kids had fun drifting on square foam floaters round the Lazy River.  They also had great fun splashing and playing under the mushrooms in the Kids Pool. Hubby and I wanted to try the different hydrotherapy massages so, with kids in tow, did the rounds and tried the ones that were available.  There were quite a number of people then so I was unable to try some of the massages.  My little girl loved the Bubble Pool though so that was where we spent most of our time. Hubby, on the other hand, loved the Upper Body Jet Massage which had rigid water pouring from elevated jets giving him a hard back massage.

When the kids had their fill of water fun, I took them to the Ace Coffee Lounge for some lunch while hubby tried the Sauna, Steam Bath, and the Hot Herbal Pools.

While we were having lunch at the cafe which was situated right beside the swimming pool, we saw two kids being taught how to swim by professional teachers.   The teachers had complete training equipment and seemed very friendly that I’m considering enrolling my two kids in their classes.  Perhaps, they’d be as good as fort lauderdale aquatics instructors and would have my little ones swimming like guppies after a few sessions.  Another thing I like about ACE Water Spa and that I find perfect as a venue for swimming lessons is that the pool is indoors and has heated water.  That means I won’t have to worry about my kids being out in the sun for too long nor of them being cold in the water. Besides, swimming offers so many benefits that even my husband and I would do well to take swimming as a form of exercise.

swimming spa

Overall, our first experience at ACE Water Spa was a great splash!  We would definitely take the kids back for some hydrotherapy massage, and, if budget permits, some swimming lessons.  I find the rate of P550/person quite costly though so I would just take advantage of group deals where we can get tickets for only P349/person.


ACE WATER SPA is located at 399 Del Monte Avenue (near cor. Banaue St.) SFDM, Quezon City and at United St., cor. Brixton St. near Pioneer, Pasig City.

Entrance fees are Php550/person for adults and Php250/person for children below 4ft.  Fees are valid for 4 hours of use of all facilities.

They are open from 6AM to 10PM from Sundays to Thursdays and from 6AM to 11PM from Fridays to Saturdays.  They are also open during holidays.



  1. there’s an ace water spa near my place but i have not visited the place. hehehe. I should try this one for a change.

  2. It really is recommended to have a spa after a swim they say. The price is so costly ha (or probably I’m just kuripot) LOL!

    CE 12/18

  3. Hay ang tagal ko nang hindi nakakabalik sa Ace Water Spa! Sayang yung voucher na included sa BDJ planner. I wonder if they’re open tomorrow? Hehe. I’ve also seen very little kids having swimming lessons, ang galing nga. Very methodical naman and they seem safe. Kahit toddler pwede!

  4. Sounds like everybody had fun. Sana we have one in Baguio. We dont have water spas here

  5. I have a lot of vouchers for this from my BDJ Planner. Based from your experience I think I should use my coupon and try this one. I love to swimming too but it’s a bit costly for lessons.

  6. I read someone say that every Filipino should learn how to swim. We have 7,107++ islands. sayang naman. 😀

  7. I am 4mos. pregnant pero super gusto ko talaga mag-swim. Pwede kaya ako sa ace? Lage kc ako may backache and i think baka ma-relieve and body pain ko sa ace…

  8. Hi where did you get your voucher, because I’m planning to buy also for my family i just read also that ace water spa sells ace privileged card, or I’ll just buy the real steal deal (imo) Ace Water Spa the original price is P550 but i can get it up to 349, what do you think?

    • We bought the voucher from Metrodeal as well. 🙂 349 instead of 550. We aren’t sure if we could go there often and might just end up wasting all the coupons that come with the ACE Card so we opted for group deal sites. We might buy vouchers again for this summer. 🙂