Why A Non-Techie Mom Reads Tech Blogs

Many people assume that I’m knowledgeable with the technical side of blogging but this is so far from the truth. My aversion to anything technical is not a secret. I have been advised to read on SEO and stuff but, really, my mind refuses to comprehend such matters. It’s no different with electronic gadgets and software. I just can’t be bothered with all those confounding technical terms.

It may, thus, seem ironic that I do like reading tech blogs. However, tech blogs are actually non-techie people’s best friends when it comes to knowing more about the latest gadgets and software. Here are some reasons why this non-techie mom reads tech blogs:

A Tech Blog presents information in a language that I can understand. I’m one of those people who get so easily confused with scientific and engineering terms. My husband has probably explained to me a hundred times about RAMs and processors and operating systems but my brain always shuts down when I hear those words. I do remember understanding how dual core and quad core processors work though when a tech blogger explained them using imagery.

A Tech Blog gives objective comparisons of the latest gadgets. When I’m choosing between two similar gadgets and am perplexed with all the data in their product specifications, I go through tech blogs and check how the gadgets were rated by different bloggers. I love reading things like a gadget guide for men or the 5 best computer mouses! I find stuff like that really interesting. Most tech blogs do publish posts comparing similar gadgets in the market which gives us consumers an idea which one to choose. Tech blogs are also usually the first ones to know about the latest software and gadgets available. Some even have information on products that are yet to be released in the market.

A Tech Blog allows readers to interact and share their own opinion. Because readers do share their thoughts also, I’m able to know how other people have found a specific gadget and if they themselves recommend it to others. This free exchange of ideas provides readers a more objective review of gadgets and software.

A Tech Blog answers queries from readers. Tech bloggers often respond faster to queries than marketing people do. If you have a question about a particular product and course it through the product site’s contact form, it often takes days before a representative replies to your question. Worse, you may never even receive a reply. Tech bloggers on the other hand value their readers and do take time to reply to queries.


  1. This reminds me that we have a tech blogger in BC bloggers but a lot of times, he gets notes in the spreadsheet that his blog is too techie for some to really leave comments. I must say it is quite a challenge to read his posts but I have to admit, I did learn a lot also from his posts. It may have been a struggle reading, much more commenting, but he knows his stuff!

    Anyway, I do agree, some tech bloggers are always ready to answer queries. I have been visiting some for tips or tricks on tweaking html codes and the likes. Sometimes, I am successful, sometimes, I screw up my blog design hehehe…but as they say, it’s the journey that counts.

    I’m techie in terms of using gadgets, but not techie in other stuff that require me to do codes like CSS, html, etc….bopols ako dun or I don’t have the strong urge to learn those pa hehehe

  2. i dislike to read techie blogs, i can’t relate…i can’t understand their language hahaha

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