TRUMPETS PLAYSHOP Summer Workshop 2013

Our little girl was one of the leads in their preschool mini-musical last December.  She performed really well and her teacher has since been encouraging us to enrol her in a theater class to develop her talent.

I checked the websites of PETA and TRUMPETS last December for workshops for young children.  Both would be conducting various workshops this summer but only TRUMPETS accept children as young as 4 years old.  So, TRUMPETS it is for little Jade and to take advantage of their early bird discount, we’re enrolling her before February 28.

trumpets playshop

Here are the different programs TRUMPETS is offering this summer:

Children’s Theater :  4- 6 years old
Children’s Musical Theater: 7 – 12 years old
Musical Theater (Teens) : 13 – 19 years old
Musical Theater (Adult): 19 above
Street Funk Kids: 7 – 12 years old
Street Funk Teens: 13 – 19 years old
Dance Remix: 7 years old & above
Modelling: 7 years old & above
Play Dolls (Girls Street Jazz): 13 years old & above
Public Speaking & Hosting: 7 – 12 years old

Rates for the theater workshops are P5,800 exclusive of fees for the recital.  For more information, send a message through their Facebook page Trumpets Playshop & Musicademy .  They reply to queries promptly and graciously answered all my questions.



  1. when me and my brother was a kid, we attended PETA summer workshops, we would show up our talents in an event organized by people’s organizations that advocates children’s rights; its fun and educational
    goodluck to your daughter

  2. Awww, I hope we’ll also have these workshops in Davao. I would love to enroll my son here when he grows up.

  3. Cool, good luck to your daughter! will wait for the blog entry about the experience of your daughter on Trumpets.. 🙂

  4. This is a great activity for the kids. Good luck to your daughter. I’m sure she’ll have a fun and productive summer!

  5. This will be a fun activity for your daughter. 🙂

  6. If given a chance I would like my son to participate in this activity too.. 🙂

  7. this is a clever pick for your daughter’s summer 2013
    goodluck to her

  8. Thanks for posting this! Will check out one of the classes for my kids. 🙂

  9. What a great summer activity for your little girl! You are so fortunate that you have a whole range of choices for summer activities for kids!

  10. It is great that your kid loves performing. I remember when my kid was still small I used to choose for him the activities… drawing, piano, etc. (we only have little choices here) but he stopped in the middle of the summer. I initially thought he was a quitter! I realized later, the workshops I chose were not his choices nor orientation so he quit! Now he is 16, he is quite fine as a young man but this generation really has more willpower and knows how to decide for themselves!

  11. Wow! Children are so lucky to have workshops these days! I always enroll my kids in summer workshops too and I make sure they are not academic related, but geared to the arts.

  12. Wow! If she really loves performing it’s the best for her. We still have to choose what activity will fit my daughter best!

  13. Wow! A future thespian! I hope she enjoys the workshop.

  14. It is always nice to encourage our children to enhance what they love to do.
    i am sure she will enjoy it if it something that she loves to do.

  15. My friend used to work with Trumpets as a part time. But she had to leave even though she’s having so much fun with it. She went to Singapore because of the salary of course, hehehe! She always brag about me joining her there when she was working with them, but I’m really a shy person. She told me that it’s really fun to put your child in summer workshop with Trumpets because there’s so much opportunities and a lot of things to learn + baka maging artista pa anak natin hahahhaA!!!! Why not 🙂

  16. One year more for my son. Hehe. Sana malapit lang din dito so hindi problem ang pag travel. hehe

  17. I want to send my kid/s to somethign like this too, of course if budget permits

  18. good luck to your daughter…. I am pretty sure she will enjoy the workshop…

  19. I attended a PETA summer workshop when i was 9 and it was a very memorable experience. Your little one will have a blast!

  20. Cool activity for the kids. Great workshops!

  21. What a wonderful idea for your daughter and it could be a lifelong skill…
    Keep us in the loop on how it goes. 😉
    Eliz bc blogger

  22. If parents have the resources and the means, I support sending the kids to these kind of activities This is not only entertaining but really fun. On a side note, kids will have the chance to develop their talents and skills and have a good venue for social networking.

  23. It’s really great that kids at a young age goes to different workshops, especially acting workshop. It boost up their confidence. For us well I have to save for that so this year won’t be possible but perhaps in the coming years.

  24. Please do enroll your daughter to this kind of workshop. It could really hone her talents. 🙂

    • We’ll definitely be enrolling her. 😀 I have two left feet and can’t carry a tune nor can I act. She definitely needs teachers to hone her talents.

  25. In the future, I want to enroll my son in piano lessons too.

  26. I plan to enroll my eldest in a theater workshop. He has talent in acting and singing but is very shy to show it to others. But he keeps on saying he wants to be sikat, appear on TV daw. If not for this post, I will start looking for summer workshop by March pa. Thanks thanks! baka maging classmates sila! :0

    • Trumpets also holds voice, dance, and acting workshops. 🙂 Naku, Jade will be in the class for 4-6 year-olds so di sila magiging classmates. Sana sa recital na lang in May sama lahat ng summer playshoppers. Enrol na rin kayo ha. 😀

  27. What trumpets branch will your child be joining? I enrolled my daughter in their Children Musical Theater in Global City.

    • Awww… we enrolled in a different venue. I think all classes would be performing together in the recital in May though. Would love to meet you then. 🙂