Learning More About Harley Davidson Bicycles and Accessories

Did you know that Harley-Davidson also manufactured bicycles?  Not motorcycles, but regular bicycles with pedals.  Yup, they really did!  I also didn’t know until one customer brought one to be restored at Rik’s Restoration.  Unfortunately, his bicycle was not an authentic Harley but a Sterling bike that was installed with authentic harley accessories that made it appear like a real Harley-Davidson bike.  Also, the cost of the restoration was going to amount to $4,000 and was way over the customer’s budget.  If it were an authentic Harley, I think the customer wouldn’t have minded paying such a steep price.

Learning about this little bit of trivia got me searching for more information about Harleys.  It even reminded me that years ago, I myself dreamed of having my own Harley.

Well, I didn’t find much information about the pedal bicycles but I did find a site that carries authentic Harley-Davidson parts and accessories.  With the host of cool riding stuff I saw at Surdyke.com, I’m now thinking of getting something for my hubby this Valentine’s.  They even have 20% off on chosen items until the 14th.  Although my husband doesn’t have a Harley, that doesn’t mean he can’t use Harley accessories and riding clothes, does it?

Back to Surdyke, this site is also useful for those looking to buy a Harley, whether brand new or used.  Die-hard Harley fans and collectors may find just what they’re looking for in the many collectibles available in the site.  The online catalog makes shopping easy with merchandise organized according to categories.  I spent most of my time browsing through the apparels as I can’t make heads and tails out of motorcycle parts – or anything related to cars and bikes at that.  I’m certain though that my hubby and his friends will enjoy browsing through the entire catalog.  If you’re like them who are always talking about vehicles, you may want to check the site out too.


  1. wala yata akung kilala na may harley davidson.. hehehe.. no wonder kasi super mahal naman nito

  2. I didn’t know that you’re into big bikes now. Well most owners of harley davidson here are foreigners. You can see one restaurant in MOA where there are plenty of big bikes parked near that establishment.

    • Not really into big bikes. I just got curious about the Harley bicycle. 🙂 My husband is the one who’s into bikes. He rides just a Skydrive now but I know he’ll look more macho in a Harley. 😀

  3. Like you, I had no idea they made bicycles… what a surprise! 🙂

  4. Nowadays, owning such motorcycle is just for collection. Indeed very few can afford to buy it as a display at home.

  5. how expensive for something that only resembles the original!

  6. i used to dream about owning a harley. then i found out how much they cost. hahahhaha

  7. harley! sosyal…
    harley is an excellent bike and very easy to customise

  8. The guys are really the ones interested in Harleys!

  9. I know this expensive and famous brand. I often hear it from my Dad and like every guy I know, he dreams of having his own big bike too.

  10. I can only see Harley Davidson motorcycles in movies. I think one unit of this one is equivalent to car’s price.

  11. I am also watching Rik’s Restoration. Sobrang bilib ako sa way ng approach nila for the restoration of antiques. Besides, ang bilis nilang gumawa.

  12. I haven’t seen Harley Davidson Motorcycle in person. But in movies yes and parang pang gangstar hehe.. Its so big and noisy kasi hehe.

    Mommy Maye

  13. This post is so timely. The hubby and I just saw Harley’s sa mall (meron event on motorbikes). Anyway, Harley wasn’t selling big bikes; rather mga accessories (e.g. caps, shirts, etc.) un merchandises nila. So nice!

  14. Wow! Harley! They are really cool. I don’t think I’ll ever own one hehe

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