The Potter’s Ridge: A Tranquil Nest on the Picturesque Tagaytay Ridge

School’s almost over and many have started to plan for their summer getaways.  Among the most popular summer destinations in the country is Tagaytay mainly because of its cool climate and scenic destinations.  Add to that its proximity to the metro and the dozens of available lodgings in the area. Last December, we spent two full days in Tagaytay and stayed at The Potter’s Ridge for a night.

Schedule was tight so I only had two days to look for hotel accommodations and to plan our itinerary.  It was also peak season so hotel rooms were getting booked by the second.  Fortunately, I was able to book the last two rooms in The Potter’s Ridge that were available at  I’ve read a couple of good reviews about the hotel which is why I chose to book our rooms there.

 photo PottersRidgeViewfromourroom_zps24df9265.jpg

We drove to Tagaytay on a rainy Thursday morning with cold mist surrounding most of the highlands.  My little Jakei kept raising his hand and saying, “I’m touching the clouds!”  Check-in was still at 12 noon so we spent the entire morning visiting churches in the area.  My mother is a devout Catholic and the trip was really to grant her wish of visiting churches in Tagaytay. After a disappointing lunch at Leslie’s, we went straight to Potter’s Ridge to rest for a while before we set off to visit more churches.

From the main highway, Potter’s Ridge is located on the left side of the highway going to Batangas.   Only the top two floors are seen from the road so it looks more like a small restaurant at first glance.  There’s definitely more to it though as the rest of the hotel is strategically built along the side of the ridge.

 photo PottersRidgefromtheroad_zpsfd4e31b9.jpg

 photo PottersRidgefacade_zpsf4655950.jpg

Since the hotel is located right at the ridge, you get a spectacular view of the lake and Taal Volcano.  We were ushered to our room which had a very rustic appeal to it.   The canopied bed and wooden furnishings all give it a quaint air.   The room would be absolutely perfect for newlyweds or couples looking for a romantic weekend getaway.  What I loved the most about our room were the picture windows that provided a spectacular view of the lake and the lush greenery along the ridge.

 photo PottersRidgeRoomentry_zps94f63703.jpg

 photo PottersRidgeroomtable_zps13c21025.jpg

The weather – and the place – was so conducive for sleeping that we all ended up taking a very long nap the rest of the afternoon.  We wanted to try one of the local restos along the ridge but ended up hopping from one place to another in a futile search for crispy tawilis.  An obscure roadside diner was finally chosen where we food was relatively fine but horribly overpriced.  It was already 9pm when we went back to Potter’s Ridge.   Restaurant Zoe on the top floor closes at 10pm, so I had an hour to finish some writing assignments and share a cup of hot chocolate  and a slice of Baked Alaska with everyone.

Friday morning was a sight to behold!  We woke up with cold mist blowing into our open window that it felt like we were in the clouds. It was really hard getting up from bed when all I wanted to do was stay there all day. Kids had to be fed though and we did promise Mom we’d go to Calaruega, so with heavy feet, I trudged to the hotel’s cozy cafe.

Hubby and little Jak were already eating their breakfast when we arrived. Hubby ordered chicken adobo which looked really yummy while the little boy had pork schnitzel. My mother also ordered the chicken adobo which I wanted as well.  Unfortunately, the one for mom was already the last serving so I ended up ordering the longganisa instead.  It tasted just fine save for the measly serving.  Another piece of longganisa would have made it just the right serving.   Overall, our breakfast was nothing spectacular but was fairly satisfactory. It was enough to fuel our morning stroll in Calaruega.

 photo PottersRidgeBreakfast_zps04f3ba7e.jpg

 photo PottersRidgeTerrace_zps5eeb2d36.jpg

The Potter’s Ridge would be a welcome haven for those who are looking for a cozy and quiet place to stay.  Though the kids found the place wonderful, I think the hotel would be more perfect for couples looking for a quiet place to have some quality time together.  It would be wonderful if my husband and I could go back here for another honeymoon for our 5th anniversary.  😉

 photo PottersRidgecheckout_zps83035810.jpg

Thank you to the very friendly and accommodating concierge, Clark, for making our stay pleasant and thank you to the hotel staff for accommodating all our requests.   We’ll do consider Potter’s Ridge when we want to spend the night in Tagaytay again.


The Potter’s Ridge is located along the Tagaytay ridge on the main road of KM 67 Aguinaldo National Highway.   It’s about an hour or two’s drive from Manila and is also accessible via public transport.   Room rates range from Php 3,100 to Php 7,500/night.  For more information and inquiries, visit their website at or call +63 (46)4130368 or +63 919.4629897.  You may also send an email to




  1. The hotel looks nice. I’m envious. T^T. I really want to go to Tagaytay.

  2. we are looking for a nice hotel somewhere in tagaytay for my mom’s bday celeb.. i’ll consider this

  3. that looks like a really lovely place for a short vacation. It must have been a fun getaway for you.

  4. i miss tagaytay and the coolness of the wind. 🙂 You must have really enjoyed your stay there.

  5. I’m sure you all had a sound sleep while the cool weather compelled you to reach dreamland faster. Was there an activity area for your kids?

    • Hi, Farida! There wasn’t any activity area for kids which is also why I feel that the hotel is best for couples looking for a romantic getaway. It’s perfect for honeymooners. Although we didn’t mind the hotel not having any activities for kids because there were plenty of sights to see around Tagaytay. 🙂

  6. this is a very timely post. i will definitely consider potter’s ridge this summer. thank you for sharing!

  7. The hotel look nice, I’ll bookmark it for future use.

  8. Nice place and nice hotel of choice. Overlooking Taal Ridge perhaps.

  9. Your post reminds me so much of my vacation/work trip in Baguio last year. It feels and looks like it talaga. But the good thing is, it’s only in Tagaytay! It’s cool, it’s super relaxing and it’s more accessible pa! I would like to have a vacay there too with the family. 🙂

  10. That’s a lovely place! we will be having a trip to tagaytay (Im from Baguio) after school is off. 🙂

  11. The last time I went in Tagaytay was in High School. Wish we could spend some time there.

  12. the place looks really nice.

  13. I want to go talaga! hopefully one of the coming weekends the boyfriend and I could spend it sa Tagaytay, bago tuluyang uminit na. hehe 🙂

  14. Friends, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Thanks to Clark and to all their staff. I Will come back here.
    SO RELAXED when we where there!


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