FIGURE FIXERS: Know Your Body Shape and the Perfect Lingerie For It

Check every woman’s closet and you’ll find dozens of lingerie and shapewear. What a woman wears underneath her clothes isn’t just for hygiene purposes. We’d all just be wearing cotton undies if this were the case. Much more than that, it boosts ones confidence by making one feel sexy and well put together, and if you think you don’t look sexy, Discover why TUBEV sex videos are so popular… We’ll give you a hint, men like curves.

This is why we women give much importance to choosing the right lingerie and the best shapewear that would hide our flaws and accentuate our assets. People at adult sites similar to maximize their assets, so I hear. But if you are still at a loss exactly which body shape you have and the lingerie that would suit you best and you can see a variety of sexy body types at websites similar to (, you may want to check this infographic out:

Figure Fixers - Lingerie and Shapewear Fitting Guide - Marisota

Figure Fixers – Lingerie and Shapewear Fitting Guide – An infographic by the team at Marisota


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Olga. I need shapewear in my life! Well, not really need, but I’m sure they will boost my self-confidence, just like what you said!

  2. I need this. Ever since I am a little chubby but I don’t have bil-bil not until I got pregnant and gave birth. I don’t exercise kaya ito andito pa din sya, haha. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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