How to Include Brothers and Sisters at the Baby Shower

having siblings help out with the baby shower

Expecting a child is always a special experience. Even if you have already had a child, it is not any less special. However, for the older brother or sister, it might be hard for them to get used to the idea that there will be a new edition to the family. To help them ease into the transition, try to get that child as involved as they can. One of the ways to do this is by including them in the baby shower.

You could have the sibling involved in every stage of the baby shower.  An idea to consider is to have a party so the older brother or sister can introduce the baby to others, instead of just calling it a baby shower. This will help to make the older sibling feel special. Have your child help to plan little details such as decorations, choosing the baby gift he or she wants to give, and what kind of food to have at the party.

You might also want to consider giving a gift for the older child at the baby shower.  Guests might also want to think about the baby shower as not only celebrating the arrival of a new child, but also to celebrate the transition of the child into an older sibling.  Some gifts for the older child can include toys, books, or even items that acknowledge that they are going to be a big brother or sister. You want your child to remember that they are a large part of the family and it will make them feel special to be included in the party just as much as the new arrival is.

You can also include your child in the baby shower by giving them some simple jobs to do before the party begins, and once the guests arrive.  They can lick the stamps on your announcements and baby shower invites.  Once the party starts, they can do things such as pass out cups for drinks, going around to make sure everyone is fed, or even to take guests’ coats at the door.  Depending on how old they are, you might even want to consider having them take photos at the event. The whole point is to make them feel as involved as possible during the party.

Hopefully with these tips, the baby shower will be off to a great success. Hopefully our holder child will feel included and not too stressed out during the pregnancy.


About the Author

Heather is an amateur party planner – the self-proclaimed ‘binder ninja’!  She occasionally consults on event coordination and etiquette for Paper Style, and loves to write about the things she’s learned with this new life experience!  Her favorite parties to organize are baby showers – they’re the most rewarding!


  1. This is great! But I think baby showers are only for those who can afford.

    • Hi, Janz! Baby showers can be actually as simple as gathering your closest friends and family to the soon-to-be moms home and sharing mom-stories and advice over simple snacks. New gifts aren’t even a requirement. Even hand-me-downs are well appreciated. 😀 By the way, I left a comment in your blog about the heart-shaped red swavs. 🙂

  2. My little girl enjoyed the shower for her baby brother last year. Though she’s too young to participate in the preparation, she was at the party all the time enjoying the food and the games. But I have to explain her that the gifts were for her baby brother inside my tummy.

  3. Yeah, it’s a good idea to include older siblings in the baby shower to let them feel involved also in the process. 🙂 When I had mine, the elder son was the one who distributed the plates and opened all the gifts. LOL He had a lot of fun!

  4. Baby showers are not that much celebrated here in the PHL. The above tips a great though, thanks for them.

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