If you’re the same generation as I am, you most likely grew up watching Superbook and Flying House.  Those were the days when you learn values from cartoons and not invective and bad behavior.  How very unfortunate that those cartoons were phased out.  But the good news is,  SUPERBOOK is back!  Now our li’l ones can go on wonderful Superbook adventures as well.

Here’s another great news!  You and your kids can get to see Gizmo live in action!  Just visit Superbook’s Super Photo Blast Corner at the Jumpstreet Activity Center in Robinson’s Galleria from May 18 to 24 and have your picture taken with Gizmo and your other favorite Superbook characters.  You can also watch trailers of the all-new Superbook episodes coming this June and learn more about the re-imagined Superbook.


On May 25 from 2pm to 5pm, join all the Superbook characters to the Super Launch of Superbook at the Robinsons Activity Area.  This event is open to everyone so bring your entire family and your friends and celebrate with Chris, Joy, and Gizmo as they launch the all-new episodes of Superbook.

Superbook Invite (Rev)


  1. This is so perfect for the kiddies, thanks for sharing

  2. I’m afraid to watch and then find out that it doesn’t compare to the Superbook of old, but this is still a very welcome addition to toons that kids of today should watch. I hope my nephew get to watch and LOVE it! Where will it be shown?

    • I heard it’s going to be in Filipino but is more hi-tech than what we used to watch. It’s airing on GMA News TV starting this June. I’ll find out more about it during the SUperlaunch this Saturday at Robinson’s Galleria. You should come to! Everyone’s invited!

    • Hi, Vera! Superbook will air on GMA News TV this June. Everything’s digital now so even Chris, Joy and Gizmo look different.

  3. I’m a Superbook and Flying House fan…I always look forward to watching those when I was a kid. I see that they have updated the animation…new look, kinda like 3D-ish. 🙂

  4. I never heard of superbook.. Batibot lang talaga naaalala ko hehehe… This is a nice event.

    • That means you’re still young. 🙂 Gee… I feel ancient now! Hahaha! If you were here in Manila, I’d urge you to come. 🙂 As it is, watch out for its airing on GMA News TV na lang this June.

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