Moving House and Having a Clear Out

Did you know that you could make money from old clothes by selling them online? Read on and learn how a father made some cash out of old clothes he found when they were clearing out their home before moving to the countryside.

My wife and I recently decided that it was time to downgrade. We would love to move into something similar to one of these new luxury apartments in capitol hill dc as we’ve had our family home for years, since the children were little. They have all grown up and flown the nest now, so it’s just the two of us rattling around the place. It feels empty and definitely much too big for just the two of us. Although it has been a difficult decision because obviously there have been so many memories at the house and the thought of leaving seems almost unbearable! After a lot of consideration, a friend told us about this Realtor Houston that they used, and we came to the conclusion that it was time to move on. A few months later we had found the perfect, smaller house – similar to a milton house property – out in the countryside and our offer had been accepted. All that remained was to pack up and ship out.

We set to the task of clearing out the house with a heavy heart. I mean, it hasn’t been as bad as I thought, especially knowing that there are removal companies out there who gave us a helping hand. All those years of memories. How were we just meant to throw them away or pack them into boxes? Here and there I would find the odd memento – a child’s drawing, an old party dress. My son seemed to have amassed an incredible selection of DVDs, games and CDs, which he jauntily told me he would no longer need as he now owned a ‘NAS Drive’, whatever that is. How on earth our house had held all of this junk in it for so long without collapsing was nothing short of a miracle.

The problem was, once we had cleared out the house, we had bags and bags of stuff which we didn’t really know what to do with. A lot of the items were in fairly good condition; especially the clothes (teenage daughters like going shopping more than they like wearing the stuff) and it seemed a shame to throw it all away. After searching online I realised that we could sell some of our old clothes to a company on the Internet and make a certain amount of money per kilogram. We could also do the same for our old CDs and DVDs.

It sounded like an offer we just couldn’t refuse, so we began scanning barcodes, weighing bags and hunting for more treasure in earnest. This was actually quite cathartic and helped me to take my mind off the fact that we were leaving the nest we had so lovingly built. Sorting everything out took about an hour. By the time we were through, we calculated that we had made about £50 from all the stuff we just had lying around. Better still, the company would come and collect all the items for free, so we wouldn’t even have to waste money on postage.

A couple of days later and the items had been collected. We were all ready to leave our house. The rooms which had been filled for years with the sound of the radio, the TV, children playing and friends over for tea were now quiet. The carpets, once scuffed and stained, were now pristine and ready for a new family. Our suitcases packed, the most precious of treasures, namely the memories of all the happy times we had spent in the house, were locked safely away, in our hearts.


  1. That is a very convenient way of dispatching excess baggage. We might also try looking for a company that would deal like that. We have some old clothes at our old home. We too moved but not because my children had families already but because the old place is always flooded.

  2. i wish we had that here in the country. it sounds more practical and a lot of people will benefit from the hand me downs. the best part? one even earns from it.

  3. very interesting. i wish there was something like that here. my alternative is to donate to the asilo. 🙂

  4. I really have a hard time parting from things, so our house is so cluttered. I wish we could also move, maybe then, I would bring all the things that we truly needed.

  5. That’s nice, but I can’t see myself selling out my old stuff. I’s rather give it to my relatives. 🙂

  6. Great way of disposing of things that you no longer use. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new place

  7. I am actually planning to do this, too – sell my old pieces online. I just haven’t started doing it. 🙂 Thanks for this heads uP! 🙂

  8. Impressive!! I think selling out old stuff is the best idea to dealing with stress while moving. Movers should have to read this article & to get an idea for an easy move.

  9. what a nice story. accumulating a lot of stuff really bring memories together.

  10. My! While reading, I couldn’t bring myself to focus on “how to make money from selling old things online”. I was just holding on too much to the memories and my heart was a bit heavy while reading the father’s writing.

  11. It’s really nice to have even a garage sale from time to time. Our house is full of trash, I wish my mom can think about it.

  12. i sold my things at a flea market and I was so happy because my pre-loved clothes will be worn by other people. i live on a bed space and we were not allowed to have a lot of things inside our room. and right now I’ve started checking my clothes again that I need to let go.

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