Add a Splash of Color in your Outfit

Fashion this year is full of bright colors in casual wear for kids and adults. Footwear, socks, accents and headgear are all boldly displaying “neon” colors joined by tops, jackets and even shorts. Tights are a perfect way to accent with these or any color. Fabrics such as microfiber give comfort and interesting textures for even more sophisticated looks, damage resistance, and easy coordination of colors and styles.

Colorful tights from

Colorful tights from

Flexible Colors and Styles for Any Occasion

Starting with strong statements of rich greens, blues and reds, tights can anchor the high energy of neon socks and sneakers or they can carry the theme of traffic-stopping bright colors. Rolled up, they’re small enough to drop in a purse or backpack, shifting from outdoor glow to classic black or brown once they’re in the evening with a semi-formal theme.

Designer Leggings

Outstanding design has produced tights with prints on them that are great for dancing, strolling with long, long legs or adding intrigue to an outfit. Perhaps complementing and outfit which includes all the right ingredients but needs something to take it to a new level. A petite black blazer with black and hot pink wild animal prints running up and down the legs like a second skin would be perfect.

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