Free Education Print Apps on HP Deskjet Ink Advantage Printers

Academic enrichment programs have become so popular nowadays with parents willing to shell a couple of thousands a month per subject per child just to ensure that their children have that edge in school.  Many of these programs enhance children’s math or reading skills by providing them a series of worksheets that need to be answered every day.  Although there are a host of free printables available on the net, most parents don’t have time to search for them and to print them on a daily basis.

Understanding how difficult it is to juggle work and family life, HP just made it easier for us parents to be directly involved with our children’s academic journey. Through HP Deskjet Ink Advantage Printers, we can now print high-quality content from free education apps such as the SAP Education Print App and the onSponge Learning Print App.


Premium Education Content for Young Learners

HP has collaborated with Singapore Asia Publishers(SAP) and onSponge to allow users direct access to assessment and test content.  This free service allows us parents to print educational materials that encourage good study habits through daily practice.  The SAP Education Print App offers English, Math, and Science content which can be scheduled for print out on a daily or weekly basis.

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The onSponge Learning Print App provides a series of problem sums for primary students.  These practice sums help develop a child’s reasoning abilities and hone his problem-solving skills.  Even parents who dread Math would find this app very useful as step-by-step solutions to the problems are also available at the onSponge website.

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Aside from being easily accessible, these education print apps provide us parents the convenience of just needing an hour or two during the weekend to schedule the printing of daily practice exercises for the coming week.  At the specified time and date, the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage printer prints out the materials for the day.   And even if you have forgotten to schedule the material for today, you can still have it printed remotely.  Oh yes, you can print materials in your home printer even when you are working in your office miles away!


Endless Possibilities through HP Ink Advantage

HP web-connected printers have access to a wide range of mobile printing solutions.  HP ePrint, HP wireless direct, and HP Printer Control are just some of HP’s mobile solutions that allow users to print from virtually anywhere, anytime, and from various mobile devices.

The HP ePrint Center provides calendar templates and other forms to help professionals stay organized.  There are recipes,  checklists, photo albums, coloring pages, and game pages to help a homemakers job much easier.  Family, business, marketing, home, travel – name it and there’d most likely be a downloadable printable for it at the HP ePrint Center.  The best thing is that most of these are free of charge.


Practical and Economical

Unlike a decade ago when printer inks cost exorbitantly high, Original HP Inks are now much more affordable.  The prices are so reasonable that there really is no reason to use alternatives.  Besides, with an Original HP ink, you get to have high-quality prints without worrying about printer damage, messy leaks, and clogged cartridges.  If you compare the money you’ll shell out for an HP Deskjet Ink Advantage Printer, ink cartridges, and internet connection, it will still be much lower than what you’d be paying for in an academic enrichment program.  Moreover, there’s so much more you can print using other useful apps available through HP mobile solutions.

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I’ve got my eyes set on this HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 6525 e-All-in-One printer.

I’m really all sold on the new HP Deskjet Ink Advantage Printers that I’m soon saying goodbye to my five-year-old HP Deskjet 910.

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You have served me many long years but it’s time to make way for the new… Goodbye my HP910.


  1. HP is a great brand for, we have a 3 in 1 here at home and we love using it..

  2. Right now I’m using HP laptop which was given by my sister for me. Planning to buy a HP printer because I know that it’s a well-known brand.

  3. Waaaah. I’m sold on that new HP printer too but I don’t have a budget yet. I have to wait for my current printer to get broken before I can buy a new one.

  4. Oh wow! I didn’t know they apps on there. I really should tinker on our HP deskjet now.

  5. I have printed some stuff for my kids to work on this summer. It’s nice that there are websites that offers it.

  6. I am saving now in order for me to buy my HP printer. I hope I can have my own printer soon.

  7. HP printer is a great brand and good thing they partnered with websites that enables young learners to print worksheets and such.

  8. i still haven’t gotten a chance to check he apps. will do it tonight.

  9. Nowadays, there are so many things we can find from the world wide web to help us learn more or improve our lifestyle. This is definitely a great find. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Love Beautyholics, a beauty blog by Angela.

  10. I used HP printer in my computer shop, it is a good brand for me.

  11. We have an HP printer + scanner. I’m not sure what’s wrong with it now but we only uses the scanner now. I wish it’s still working now so I can take advantage of this learning app.

  12. My uncle owns one and I love it. I even used his to print out certificates for our speakers during the Second Baguio Blog Conference. 😛 Cheaper than having it printed outside but the end result was the same..

  13. sometimes i’m also thinking of getting my own printer, the last one was broken three years ago, This one looks really nice


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