Locks That Keep Your Home Secure

How secure is your home from break-ins? Keeping your home secure is so much more important now that criminals have become much bolder. Though there are now plenty of high-quality locks and even advanced technology key control systems available, finding the right ones for your home may not be as easy as you think. To determine exactly what kind of security features you need, you may want to consult a residential and commercial locksmith who can assess your risk level and recommend appropriate security control. If you also need immediate assistance in the repair and maintenance of your car or house locks, you may want to search for an emergency locksmith near you.

You might wonder whether locks are enough to keep a secure home. Of course, there are more security systems and tools available that you can make use of. For example, home surveillance and security screen door. The security screen door might sound uncommon, but they are quite efficient in stopping burglary through doors and windows. Anyway, coming back to locksmiths, here’s a quick rundown of deadbolt locks you should consider having installed:

Image courtesy of Michelle Meiklejohn/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of Michelle Meiklejohn/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

  • Single Cylinder Deadbolt: This is the most popularly used among all deadbolt types and is used to complement spring-bolt locks on doors. This type of lock can only be opened from the outside using the correct key to rotate the lock cylinder. From inside the house, it is opened using a twist knob. This type of lock should not be placed within reach of a window. Also, make sure though that the bolts are more than an inch long. Less than that and your door can still be opened forcibly using a lever to pry the door from the jamb.
  • Exit-Only Deadbolt: This type of deadbolt provides additional security when you are home. This does not have an external cylinder and does not require a key. Although it would not secure your door from break-ins when you are not home, it may still help deter intruders. For securing your house from intruders and burglars, you can also go for high-security locks. Searching for “locksmith near me in Atlanta GA” or similar keyword phrases might connect you to a locksmith in your area who can install your locks securely.
  • Vertical Deadbolt: This lock is installed at the top of the door and resists jimmying. It can be opened with either a key or a thumbturn mechanism. This type of deadbolt provides greater security as it would be difficult to pry a bolt placed on top of the door.

Installing locks may seem to be an easy task but it is best left to professionals like asap locksmith dallas tx who can ensure that your home is secure. In choosing a locksmith to lay down your security system, make sure that they do more than just install locks and security systems. Opt for one with great customer support especially those with emergency locksmith services in case you lose your keys or get locked out of your house accidentally. One that is capable of installing CCTVs and alarms which deters intruders would also be a good choice. Remember, installing high-quality locks and alarm systems is an essential aspect of home security.


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