iCake by Goldilocks…iCrave!!!

Here’s an iPhone I won’t mind giving my two preschoolers.  Fits my budget well, and fills their tummy oh so nicely!
 photo iCake2013_zps29a8208e.jpg

iCrave for Goldilocks iCake


Since its introduction in 2007, the iPhone has become one of the most well-known and most visible gadgets around. Due in part to its groundbraking design, user-friendly interface, and disctintive aesthetics, this remarkable smartphone has taken the entire world by storm. So what better way to pay tribute to this cultural icon than by making it huge and edible? Decorated with scrumptious life-like Application icons, the iCake from Goldilocks is something that tech-savvy users and iPhone lovers alike would certainly enjoy!

This high-tech Goldilocks celebration cake now comes in 8×12 inches of geeky goodness. Definitely more affordable than the actual iPhone, the iCake is readily available for purchase and can be personalized with your own choice of delicious Application icons. Moreover, under the simulated touch screen, cake lovers can have their choice of mocha, chocolate and marble layers. Delicious and fun, this Goldilocks creation caters to those with “nerdy” palates. Head over to your nearest Goldilocks branch or call Goldiocks Go-Delivery 888-1-999 to satisfy your sweet cravings

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