Most Popular Kids Costumes in 2013

There’s no denying that kids love costumes. Whether it’s halloween time, or they are having a birthday party, or simply to wear around the house, kids have the imagination to put on a costume or tie a towel around their necks and instantly become a character from their favorite books or movies.

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The most popular kids costumes for 2013 are a mixture of characters from this year’s most popular films, along with the favourite Halloween classics. Fabrics, bright colours, animal prints and bones are a big inspiration this season. Take a look at for their impressive range of new costumes for kids in 2013.

  • Despicable Me—This year the minions will be out in force. These mischievous creatures will no doubt be a Halloween new costume favourite for 2013. Hire your costume, or create your own.
  • Steampunk Costume—This is will a very popular choice for teen girls with an eye for this sub-culture.  Colourful dresses are available that blend Victorian glamour with punk rock.
  • Harry Potter—These well-known characters are still popular choices for Halloween. Choose your favourite character and create your own costume. Customise your look with a wand, glasses, spell books, house colours and your favourite props from the books and films.
  • Punk Fairies—Your usual fairy outfit with striped tights and a short jacket for a punk look. This costume is appropriate for younger and older girls.
  • Baby Doll Dresses—Short and sweet, perfect for young girls. Many costumes come with fairy wings, and lots of bling.
  • Superheroes—These are still some of the most popular costumes available. There are a wide range of spiderman, wonder woman, superman, batman and robin costumes available for girls and boys.
  • Princesses—These are still very popular with young girls, and there is a wide range in stock at most stores. Take a look at the Belle costumes, based on the Disney princess character from Beauty and the Beast. Snow White is also a great costume, with options for young girls and teens in different designs.
  • Skeletons—These can be found as jumpsuits, tights, leggings or socks. Wear these under a dress to make your costume stand out .
  • Tutus—A ballerina-inspired look for young girls at Halloween. Tutus are available in pink, purple, red, white and silver. Wear a tutu to soften a look over tights. Very feminine and fun to wear.
  • Twilight – Belle, Edward, Jacob and Alice are particularly popular costumes from the popular vampire series. Great for kids who can’t put a lot of effort into their costumes (you might just need some ordinary clothes, sparkly glitter and vampire fangs).
  • Katniss Everdeen – the plucky lead character from The Hunger Games. Perfect for girls who don’t like dresses. You need some big stompy boots and a bow and arrows (not a real one, of course!)
  • Animal print—This is a big inspiration this season and is a big part of the Halloween range. Chose you preferred print and wear it boldly. Don’t forget to accessorise your costume!
  • 80’s throwback –There are an increasing number of 80’s costumes available this season. Think legwarmers, neon colours, bright tights, and big hair.

Shop online to see the huge range of kids costumes available for 2013! Happy Halloween!

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