Natural Pork Can Be Part of a Healthy Meal

Could natural pork and other responsibly farmed food be the cure to what ails you? The great philosopher Hippocrates said something quite interesting at the time of 400 B.C. “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” These days people seem to think of anything but food as their medicine. Pharmaceutical companies make millions off of drugs that help control symptoms. Symptoms are caused by an underlying problem. Imagine driving your car to work when suddenly you start to hear a loud clunking noise coming from under the hood. Would you just buy some heavy metal albums and turn them up loud enough that you couldn’t hear the clunking anymore? Obviously that is a poor solution and could lead to further and more expensive damage to your vehicle. Your body is no different. Sadly, when people feel symptoms, they usually go straight for the pills that can help cover them up for a while.

Eat Better, Feel Better, and Move Better

The way you feel right now is a direct result of how you live your life. You can’t make a permanent change in your health without making a permanent change in your lifestyle. You couldn’t fix your car by covering up the noises and you can’t fix your body by covering up symptoms. You have to look into the root cause of your symptoms and fix the problem. You may think that is a task that sounds too complicated. However, the root cause is almost always related to your lifestyle. If you eat too much processed and unnatural food, your body can become inflamed and irritated by trying to process all the junk.

Use Natural Food to Fight Inflammation

Inflammation is related to pretty much every disease and disorder known to man. Luckily, you can get your inflammation under control through simple improvements to your lifestyle. Change things for one month and you will feel and see the improvement in your health. Choose to eat food that is as natural as possible. Most pigs are raised in terrible conditions. They are put in cages with no room to move whatsoever. They are covered in fecal matter and treated with medicine to keep them alive until they’re ready for the butcher block. Natural pork is raised by farmers that actually care about the welfare of their animals. Remember, you are what you eat!


  1. True, my boyfriend tells me the same thing. Pork isn’t bad at all.. it just depends on what you eat and how you eat it.

  2. Yep I think it can be part of a healthy meal as long as you don’t eat too much of the fat – or better yet don’t eat the fat at all.

  3. Anything in moderation is not bad at all. Pork is not bad for you as long as you eat it right, eat the right amount that is.

  4. Yes, I agree with you that we are what we eat. Just like eating unhealthy foods will lead into different diseases.

  5. I agree, we should be mindful not to overeat.. everything that’s eaten in an excessive manner could be unhealthy. Very informative post, thanks!

  6. My parents raise their own pig and rest assured that the meat we eat from it is healthy. Lean meat should be taken seriously because it’s healthier for us.

  7. I agree. We are starting to do away with canned pork these days. The kids loves Spam but it’s not healthy — natural pork without too much fat (like liempo) is the healthier choice.

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