Style Guide for Busy Moms

Among the many fashion brands for women, Dorothy Perkins remains to be fave! They are one of the few brands that offer collections for Petite size women like me. Their collections are so wide that they even carry comfortable maternity clothes. I know I’m not the only one who loves their jersey tops and dresses.

Having tons of errands and chores to do does not mean that we moms can forget all about looking good and being stylish. There’s a way for us to make practical choices without sacrificing style. It’s a good thing that there are online discount websites where we can get Dorothy Perkins voucher codes to make high street fashion picks more affordable. Knowing that there are discount vouchers you can use to save money while keeping on top of the trend, we now have our budget considerations out of the way and can go shopping without the guilt.

Here’s a quick style guide that you can follow and a few of my Dorothy Perkins choices:

  • Choose comfortable materials. It would be difficult to do everything you need to do if you are not wearing comfortable clothes. When choosing your style picks, make sure that you choose those that are made of materials that do not irritate the skin. Your clothes will look better on you if you are not sweating through the fabric or itching all over while you go on your errands.

 photo dorothyperkinsdayout_zps6d0a252f.jpg

  • Go for clothes that allow for ease of movement. Clothes that make it difficult for you to move around will most likely find its way to the back of your closet. You want to pick clothes that you can conveniently move around in. Consider your activities and pick your clothes appropriately. A pair of slacks and a jersey top will be a great all-around combo for days when you have to run around to different places to finish your errands. Stylish dresses and skirt and blouse combos are great for afternoons out with your friends for catch-up lunches and perhaps coffee and dessert afterward. You could easily get good quality dresses online from sites like Memma (to know more, check

 photo dorothyperkinscasual_zps4d8f512c.jpg

  • Leave the delicates for special occasions. You have to have at least one dainty piece in your closet. While it is alright for you to shop for finer threads, you have to consider materials that are easier to handle and maintain for your everyday clothes. There are plenty of options in wearable high street clothes that do not have special care instructions. Choose those that you can throw in the wash or hand wash and then machine or hang dry. Clothes that are made of materials that fray or snag easily should also be avoided.

< photo dorothyperkinsformal_zps8299aabc.jpg


There is no need to snuff out your passion for fashion the moment you tie the knot and start a family. Wearing fashionable clothes will actually make you more confident and put more oomph to your stride as you traipse around in style while doing all those mom chores and errands. Just do remember to look for those precious discount vouchers so you won’t feel guilty buying yourself that Dorothy Perkins dress. 🙂


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