Earthquake Survival: Drop, Cover, Hold or Triangle of Life

After the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit the Central Visayan regions, a post about the triangle of life earthquake tip started circulating again in social media networks.   Now, we all grew up being told that when an earthquake strikes, we must duck under a sturdy desk to avoid getting hit by any falling object or debris from the ceiling.  The triangle of life disputes this practice claiming that in many of their rescue and retrieval operations after earthquakes, those who hid under tables did not survive and were even squished to death.  According to this theory, the best way one can survive is to stay as low as you can beside a furniture – that’s beside not under.

However, the Red Cross still maintains that we should DROP, COVER, HOLD during an earthquake.  These infographics were posted on the Dick Gordon Facebook Page and I want to share them with you for you to understand both methods and decide for yourself which one you should follow during an earthquake.

 photo earthquake1_zpseb771f63.jpg
 photo earthquake2_zps2c9a28b7.jpg
 photo earthquake3_zps8c406b95.jpg

Safest and Deadliest Places according to the Triangle of Life Theory

 photo earthquake4_zps62094719.jpg
 photo earthquake5_zps45589c5c.jpg

What to do During An Earthquake According to RED CROSS

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Both methods have their merits so it’s really hard to choose which one to follow.  I guess what we could do is to survey our homes to find out which areas pose much danger or are likely to collapse.  Knowing which furniture are also sturdy enough to hold concrete slabs or wooden ceilings would help you decide where to take cover.

The best thing we all could do now is to prepare our homes and our families for disasters like this.  Aside from checking the structural soundness of your house, conduct regular earthquake drills so everyone will know what to do in case it does happen.  Do remember that no one can predict exactly when an earthquake will happen so it is best to be prepared always.


Bohol and other Central Visayas provinces gravely affected by the earthquake are still in need of help. Please go to to donate to the Philippine Red Cross which is continuously helping with rescue and relief operations in the affected regions.


  1. Natural calamities is such a powerful tragedy that nobody could avoid. Thanks for this info, I’ll check out the link.

  2. thanks for sharing the infographics, it is good to be prepared at all times but let us continue to pray that there will be no more earthquakes.

  3. This is a very good infographics. Our government should have something like this and distribute to people especially for those who don’t have access on computer or television.

    Still praying for people affected by the latest earthquake in the Visayas region.

  4. What happened in Bohol reminded us all that anything can happen in an instant. We must be alert and armed with knowledge like this to prepare us in the worst times.