How to Make Your Baby’s First Christmas Magical

When you are a parent, your Baby’s first Christmas is a special occasion that you will never forget. This is the Christmas where you will start special traditions with your family that you will repeat for many years to come. Last Christmas it was only the two of you, but this year you have a special little bundle of joy and you are starting a family together. What can you do to make this Christmas extra special?

Here are a few ideas for family traditions and special memories that you could start as a family for your baby’s first Christmas in order to make it as magical as possible.

Mark Each Year with a Personalised Ornament

You can commemorate your child’s first Christmas with a personalised ornament, such as a bauble with their name on it. There are lots of beautiful personalised ornaments available on websites such as Then, every year afterward you can buy a new personalised ornament, perhaps to mark special milestones that occurred over the year such as a little book to celebrate going to school, a Mickey Mouse for a trip to Disneyland or a tiny bicycle celebrating learning to ride a bike.

Once you child starts to get old enough to talk, you can hang the ornaments one by one in order, telling them about each year of their life and what each symbolises. The older your child gets, the more ornaments you will have to hang and stories you will have to tell.

Decorating the tree together is a wonderful Christmas memory that you will be able to carry on as your child grows up.

Make Cards Together

Rather than simply buying cards from the store, it will be a lot more thoughtful and meaningful to make homemade Christmas cards! Even though your little one can’t really hold a crayon yet, they can help you make cards by offering their tiny footprints and handprints.

Remember to save a handprint or footprint card with a date on the back, so that you will have a memory of your Baby’s First Christmas.

Evidence of Santa’s Visit

Although your little one will not necessarily remember their first Christmas, they might remember their second or third so it’s time to start thinking about how you can create magical memories for them. One of these ways is by leaving evidence that Santa has been to your house. Perhaps Santa has left footprints in the freshly fallen snow, or has taken a nibble out of a cookie left by the Christmas tree? These magical little clues will live on in your child’s memory for much longer than the present that they receive.

Christmas Pyjamas

Many families will have the tradition of giving each other new pyjamas on Christmas Eve. That way, they will have something warm and snuggly to sleep in while they wait for Santa to come. This might be a great tradition to start with your little one – you could treat them to a new fuzzy onesie for sleeping in on Christmas Eve. There are even personalised “Baby’s First Christmas” ones that you will want to keep and cherish for many years.

You might even also want to give them a special teddy to snuggle with on Christmas Eve. There are many adorable Christmas themed plush toys for babies and your little one is sure to love it.

Family Christmas Portrait

When all the family gets together at Christmas time, this is the perfect occasion to take a family portrait with a photographer like Jeff Turnbull Suffolk. A professional portrait session will give you beautiful pictures you can cherish forever, or you could simply gather together around the tree or on the living room sofa. If you take a Christmas photo every year, you will be able to see everyone in the family growing up over the years.

Once you have taken your family Christmas portrait, you can send out a copy to all of your relatives as well as frame the photo and display it on the wall.

Your Baby’s First Christmas only comes along once, so take the time to make it a special occasion that you will look back on with fond memories. Your baby won’t remember it, but they will cherish the keepsakes and the stories. These are just a few ways that you can make your first Christmas as a family together special, so have fun and Merry Christmas!


About the Author

George Torres is a blogger and craft artist. He is looking forward to celebrating his first Christmas this year with his wife and her precious little new born.


  1. These are all great tips! We always have our yearly family portrait taken during Christmas time.

  2. I’m so sad that we were not able to make Una’s first Christmas memorable. The in-laws didn’t bring out the Christmas tree and we don’t have in our room that time. But we’re definitely making this Christmas special. Kailangan bumawi!

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