It’s Time to Deck the Halls

In our part of the world, the Christmas tree, ornaments, tinsel, and lights all come out after the All Saints Day-All Souls Day weekend. In the United States, decking the halls with Christmas decorations start after Thanksgiving. The excitement that is felt when the decors come out is the same in most countries around the world. Christmas, after all, is one of the happiest holidays around.

In our house, decorating for Christmas is a family affair. Our little ones are not yet big enough to help hang the boughs and wreaths, but they do get a chance to make their own decors and hang them on the tree with your other ornaments. You and your kids can have as much fun making the ornaments as you do while decorating your home.

christmas decor

Cardboard stars and bells are easy enough for little ones to make. You can cut out 3- to 5-inch bells and stars out of colored cardboard and have an assortment of embellishments like sequins, glitter, or even buttons that they can glue to the bells and stars. They can decorate their own stars with whatever pattern they want. When they are done, punch a hole on top of the shape so you can add a loop of string. Your kids can have the “honor” of hanging their own ornaments on your tree.

There are more crafting ideas online for you to choose from. You can even involve your kids in looking for fun Christmas crafts that they want to make for your home. Jade and Jakei will love “working” as Mama’s decorating elves this season. I’m sure your little ones will have fun too. It’s because of these little elves of our own that this season becomes even more fun and exciting. When you’re done decorating, you can start making your list and checking it twice. As for the kids, waiting for Santa will surely be on top of their own list.


  1. We’re planning to put our Christmas decors next week; we usually do this after Undas. And putting our kids’ faces on a hanging Christmas socks.

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