Fashion Immersion for Teens at SoFA Design Institute

Here’s a great summer program for teens!  Those who have a keen eye for fashion and style would be thrilled to work side by side esteemed professionals in the fashion industry.  This summer, THE Collab Contessa collaborates with SoFA Design Institute and brings to us a 1-month long capsule series Fashion Immersion for Teens.

 photo SoFAsummerteens.jpg

The 1-month program consists of 4 capsules with each one running for 5 consecutive days.  A student can choose among RETAIL, MARKETING, DESIGN, or MEDIA.  Ideally, though, a student is encouraged to take all four capsules to help him or her decide which career he or she would eventually pursue.

I collaborated with SOFA Design Institute on this with the goal of being instrumental to helping teens define the career paths they would like to take.

– Collab Contessa –

The students’ actual immersion experience will be at the offices of brand partners including Louis Vuitton, Folded & Hung, Chalk Magazine, and Aranaz.   The first capsule starts on March 31, 2014 so better enrol now lest you run out of slots.

Aside from the Fashion Immersion for Teens, SoFA Design Institute also has other summer programs for kids, teens, and adults. Follow @aminaaranaz ; @loraleesoong ; @dara_ddr ; @sofadesigninstitute on Instagram for more information and updates.

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