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Things You Should Buy Before Summer Ends

It’s halfway through summer and most likely, your wallet (glass jar for stashing extra cash) is also half empty with all the travel expenses, summer enrichment activities, and everything else that makes summer so much fun. It doesn’t really help that school starts in a few weeks time. Avoid having to turn your wallet inside out by taking advantage of Labor Day Sales, End-of-Season Sales, and Back-to-School Sales which are all happening this merry month of May (kinda makes May the merriest month of all, agree?).

Here are some things you should buy before summer ends:


Most shops will be coming out with their back-to-school footwear so shoes from last season would be on sale. For kids’ school shoes, fit and function overrule fashion anyway so even those from two seasons ago would still be perfectly fine. Even footwear for adults and babies start to go on sale weeks before summer ends. Got a cute little baby at home? Check out the adorable baby girl booties at Zalora Marketplace.

Image by Stoonn/FreeDigitalPhotos

Image by Stoonn/FreeDigitalPhotos

Kids’ Clothing

Back-to-school sales offer great deals not just for school uniforms and innerwear but for almost all types of kids’ clothing. Don’t miss out on these sales to update your kids wardrobe. Kids have this amazing way of growing at least two sizes bigger over the summer so this would really be the best time to get new clothes.

Image by stockimages/FreeDigitalPhotos

Image by stockimages/FreeDigitalPhotos

School and Office Supplies

Have you ever shopped for school supplies a week before school started? Oh yeah! It’s not something you’d want to do unless you’re the type who enjoys crowded shops with ridiculously long lines at the checkout counters. So if you want to shop in peace, grab those school and office organization supplies several weeks before school starts. If you are looking for specific supplies for your office, e.g. law materials that can help with filing and sorting out papers, then you may want to look further afield than the supply stores in your area, for instance, websites such as can help you custom print your own divider tabs so you are a cut above the rest in your office. Look around, see what’s available, you never know what type of bargain you could be getting.

Image by photomyheart/FreeDigitalPhotos

Image by photomyheart/FreeDigitalPhotos


Okay, this one’s not really a “need” but end-of-summer is when you can score swimwear at awesomely low prices. Just make sure to avoid gaining weight and ending up two sizes bigger come next summer.

Image by vanillaechoes/FreeDigitalPhotos

Image by vanillaechoes/FreeDigitalPhotos

Kids Summer Camp 2015 at AMBAY Beach Resort

Summer’s never complete without a trip to the beach.  For most kids, the best trips are those where they get to  have fun with other kids, too.  Which is why we’re not missing this year’s Kids’ Camp in Ambay Beach Resort.

ambay kids camp 2015

Want to know what to expect?  Click here to check my post about the very first Ultimate Summer Camp at Ambay last year.  This year’s camp is bound to be so much more fun so do come join us. Leave your worries (and gadgets!) at home and just enjoy the beach!

For inquiries, send an email to, call 0920-902-0860, or visit the Ambay Beach Resort Facebook Page. Limited rooms are available for the Kids Camp so book your room now. 🙂



Click here to read about our first vacation at AMBAY.

Mad Dash at the Scholastic Sizzling Summer Sale

SATURDATE. Nah! More like SATURATED. It definitely was a looooong Saturday for us.  Piano lessons, drum lessons, a much-delayed appointment with the wedding photographer for the final layout of our wedding album, a trip to the dentist – and, yes, we still managed to squeeze in a mad dash to the Scholastic Sizzling Summer Sale.

It literally was a mad dash.  I told the kids to just get all the Magic School Bus books they didn’t have yet and get some Geronimo Stilton books.  I saw a Klutz Galaxy activity book and grabbed that one too before heading off to the cashier.  I could spend hours in a bookstore and spend an entire day in a book sale but we had a couple more errands to run so we really had to go.  We were there for less than 30 minutes and managed to grab only these:

 photo SSBS bookhaul.jpg

 photo SSBS bookworms.jpg

Hubby took pictures of the warehouse while the kids and I were choosing books.  The pics can give you an idea of what to expect at the warehouse.

 photo SSBS booths outside.jpg

Booths outside are where you’ll find the lowest priced books – we got Magic School Bus books at 49 pesos each!

 photo SSBS books inside.jpg

Most books here are at 25% off. Harry Potter books were at 40% off when we dropped by.

 photo SSBS grolier.jpg

Check out the Grolier table!!! If you don’t have Fun Thinkers or Logico yet, now is the best time to buy them. 🙂

 photo SSBS gate.jpg

I definitely want to go back and scour each and every shelf for good finds.  Good thing the sale runs until May 24 so I still have lots of time to visit the warehouse again.  If you’re going there too, you may want to avoid going at noontime when the heat can become unbearable.  For directions on how to get there, check my previous post out. 🙂

 photo SSBS readpamore.jpg

Kids couldn’t put the new books down! These pictures were taken around 5 hours after our mad dash.

5 Backyard Activities for the Whole Family

Among all the rooms and spaces in your house, perhaps none can be as surprising as your backyard. A great backyard is a magical place – a private space where you and your family can do anything you want. Memories are often built here, and it’s the perfect place to spend some quality time with your loved ones. If you’re looking to make the most of your backyard, here are five activities to help you get started.

1. Eat outdoors.

Nothing brings the family together like a good meal, and even more so if it’s outdoors. There’s just something so special about eating with your family outside in the fresh air. And to make it even more memorable, treat it as a special event that your family can look forward to. Plan it beforehand and set up a time during the week to do it (Sunday lunches are what many families love to do). Then get your whole family to join in the preparations, from the planning and cooking to the cleaning up after the special meal. You can even set a theme for each occasion so that every event is different and exciting and watch from the man shed as your children and other family members play outdoor games.

2. Play outdoor games.

Backyards are the ideal place to play games and get active with your family. Not only does it provide ample space for outdoor games (i.e. sports, children’s games), but it also gives you the privacy to have any kind of fun you want. If your backyard has enough space, you can even set up equipment and tools that you’ll use for whatever games you’ll play. Much like eating outdoors, playing outdoor games with your family is almost always a fun and memorable event. If you and your family want something a little more challenging but fun, you may be interested in making your own backyard escape room. Interested in learning more or want some inspiration? You can visit escape room atlanta to find out more.

Image by Photostock /

Image by Photostock /

3. Do arts and crafts.

Backyards, decks, and patios are the ideal place for getting your hands dirty doing arts and crafts. Unlike inside the house, you won’t have to worry about making a mess in the backyard. This inevitably makes doing arts and crafts with your family much more fun and exciting. A friend told me that Jeanne Oliver provides some really fun arts and crafts courses that the whole family can enjoy. It might be a good idea for families that aren’t that experienced with arts and crafts. Try undertaking a big project as a family, where everyone contributes and helps out each week in creating a piece of work. Once you complete it, there’s no thrill quite like it.

4. Go camping outside.

If your backyard is grassy and ideal for camping, then spending a night there with your family can definitely be a memorable experience. It’s a fun way to use your backyard and the little ones will love your sense of adventure – even if it’s just outside your house. And if your backyard isn’t ideal for pitching a tent, a night out with your family in the deck or patio can still be just as much fun.

Image by Pakorn/

Image by Pakorn/

5. Read, nap, unwind.

Unwinding together in the backyard often brings families closer and creates many positive memories for the future. Making time every week to read, talk, play music, or simply relax together out in the backyard can be wonderful activity for any family. You could set times during the week to do this, or even just go out there whenever you feel like it. The more time you spend together, the closer your family will be.

Every backyard has the potential to be a truly special place for most families. They’re private, secluded, and provide the ideal setting for many family activities. If you need to spruce up your backyard or are thinking of building a better backyard, deck, or patio, then consult with those who know how do it best. Backyard specialists like Additions Building can recommend the best options for your property (click here to see samples of their previous work) and build them for you at fair prices. That way, you won’t have to spend much time worrying about your backyard – you’ll be busy enjoying it with your family.

Eskulin Kids Shampoo in Refill Packs

REFILL PACK. Two words that are music to any frugal mom’s ears. So this news would make all moms who use Eskulin run to the nearest grocery.  Eskulin Kids Shampoo and Conditioner now comes in 500ml-refill packs. Yes, Finally! A kids’ shampoo in a refill pack!

 photo eskulin3.jpg

Among the shampoos that the kids have been using for years now, Eskulin shampoo continues to be their favorite. Obviously, their fave cartoon characters printed on the bottles pretty much explains why the kids love Eskulin but there’s really more to this shampoo than a pretty packaging.  Eskulin Kids Shampoo & Conditioner is specially formulated with double action Pro Vitamin B5 and Tea Tree Oil helps to keep hair smooth and healthy. The fruity fragrance stays long and keeps their hair smelling fresh even after several hours.

 photo eskulin2_1.jpg

With the refill pack, we not only save Mother Earth from plastic bottles but also save money for other expenses.  The 500ml refill pack costs only 151.75.  Compared to the 200 ml bottles that cost 114.75, that’s certainly a lot of savings! Now I just wish they would have different variants available.

I bought my refill packs in Save More.  The first time I bought them(about a month ago, I think), there were only a dozen or so packs on display.  This week, I only found two refill packs on the shelf so the next time they replenish their stocks, I’m definitely going to hoard. 😛

 photo eskulin1_1.jpg

One pack fits perfectly in the soap dispenser(re-used kiddie soap bottle).