Staying Away from Danger: 5 Important Home Safety Tips

Home safety should always remain a top priority and you should always look to burglar proof your home. Not only do homeowners have to worry about their family’s well-being, but they must also make an effort to safeguard their personal belongings. Depending on which state you are living in, gun laws differ. If you don’t possess a weapon with a concealed carry license, there are many other ways of protecting your home and family. Here are five important home safety tips.

Sound the alarm

Most modern vehicles come equipped with a key-less entry system. In the event that an intruder is heard lurking outside of the home, the key-less entry’s panic button can be used to scare away the person. Most criminals cannot stand the intense sound of a ringing alarm. Before retiring at night, homeowners must remember to place their car keys next to the bed.

Plant thorny shrubs

When touched, thorny shrubs can cause excruciating pain. Planting a few thorny shrubs is actually a very inexpensive way for homeowners to deter criminals. Home intruders will definitely think twice before jumping into a prickly rosebush. The best place to plant the thorn-bearing bushes is directly underneath the windows. Another way you can use your garden to put off potential burglars is by putting up fencing around the property. Choose fencing that is harder to get over/through, this could be metal fences, looking up some chain link fence panel models can show you what would be the best for your garden and keeping your home safe.

Install a fresh battery in every smoke detector

A smoke detector remains one of the most critical safety components. At the beginning of each year, homeowners should promptly install a new battery in each smoke detector. I recommend buying the best smoke detector on the market, to ensure it will work in the event of a fire. To ensure that the smoke detectors are in prime working condition, home safety experts urge residents to test their smoke detectors once a month.

Alarm monitoring service

In an effort to protect their home from intruders, many residents choose to install an alarm system. Although alarm systems are effective, they still need to be watched over by a professional security system monitoring service. In the event that someone attempts to burglarize the home, the alarm monitoring service will immediately alert the police.

Stay prepared for severe weather

A powerful storm can cause a great deal of destruction. Fortunately, there are some ways to stay safe. When a severe thunderstorm or tornado is on the approach, families should stay away from all windows. Remember, a mattress can be used as a shield against flying debris. It is also a good idea to stock up on canned goods and bottled water.

Please keep these five home safety tips in mind. Everyone deserves the right to live in a secure environment.

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