Teen Years: Navigating Troubled Waters

You’ve hit the teenage years and you are at wit’s end with your son. Things were going smoothly and now it feels like major storms have set in. He’s become destructive in his behavior and his words, lashing out at everyone around him. Not only are his habits harmful to others, they are harmful to himself. This is your most precious gift. You don’t know what happened to cause this transformation, but you want to help your son to smooth his path and find inner calm again. The last thing you want to see is a dead end for your child. It’s time to take action before his problems become bigger than they already are.

Images by Artur84 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Images by Artur84 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Set Up an Intervention

When your teenager is acting out, you’re going to need help to confront him. Don’t take him on by yourself. Gather together friends and family members as a support system. Sit your son down and discuss your concerns. Everyone will be a part of the meeting, expressing their worries as well. Your son needs to know that you are doing this out of love, that you care for him and don’t want to see him throw his life away. The teen years can be a troubled time for many girls and boys. When they feel like they are drowning in their problems, you need to throw out a life preserver.

Be Present in Your Son’s Life

You need to be there for your son. Many think that the teen years are a time to let children be independent and leave them to their own devices. This is the point in life when your son needs your guidance more than ever before. Don’t let him have too much time alone. Make an effort to be home in the evenings, to sit together at the dinner table, and to be available when your teenager is heading off to school in the morning. If you drive your child to school, use that time as an opportunity to reach out. Try and turn his behavior around.

Get Help

If your attempts fail, speak with your son’s doctor about counseling services. Consider wilderness therapy programs at the Wood Creek Academy. When your son is put to the test in a challenging situation, he can find a new sense of direction in his life. A change in scenery may be the first step in making progress.


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