5 Ways to Get Followers on Twitter for Your Vending Business

Online marketing can be beneficial for just about any business. Although your vending cart may be small, using sites like Twitter can be advantageous to drive interest. You can easily connect to those in your local area on the social media hub and possibly boost your sales. However, if you have a bigger business, you may find that using something similar to Enterprise SEO (learn more here http://victoriousseo.com/markets/enterprise-seo/) could be a more intimate way of building your business as long with social media.

Social media is a free method that can get people interested about your business. Whether this means checking out sites like https://getfans.io/buy-youtube-subscribers to help increase the ranking of a YouTube channel, buy Instagram likes, or send out customized messages to Twitter followers to promote products/services, these steps could help to improve social media presence for businesses.

While you can pay for advertising, the initial development of your profile doesn’t cost a dime on most of these sites. Just because you have a small mobile cart, it doesn’t mean you don’t need some kind of marketing plan to boost income.

Regular Tweets

Many professionals attest to regular social engagement being one of the keys to developing a following. Tweeting about your current locations not only informs people of where you are, but it can be one of those regular occurrences that drive interest to your account. Some of the most popular and active accounts on Twitter will post something at least five to ten times a day.


When posting your current vending position, use hashtags. This can help get your comments placed in certain conversations. Twitter will often post what is trending in your area. If you can use that to your advantage to engage local consumers, you can spark interest in your small business. Using an automated social media tool – such as KENJI.AI – could help reach your audience, if you are interested in expanding to Instagram.

If Instagram is a social media site that you want to expand to then you may want some help to get more instagram followers in order to grow your platform and bring more people to your profile. It can be quite difficult starting up a new profile and getting some help from experts will make building a new profile so much easier!

Graphic Appeal

On the side of your beverage cart or mall kiosk, have a large print-out of your Twitter account for everyone to see. Many people will take to their phones and follow the account, which may lead to additional sales at a later date. The more people that are following the account, the more likely those individuals will share your post with their own friends and family.

Respond to Comments

It’s not enough to merely have an account where you post your current position on Twitter. Responding to comments from others can show the account as being live and engaging. This can improve your online reputation while keeping potential customers interested in your product. You need to socialize if you want social marketing to work properly.


According to statistics, tweets that have images are more likely to be engaged than just mere text. Taking a picture of key points of interested near your vending business can be engaging as well as descriptive about where your cart is currently located. This can all be done within 60 seconds while using your smartphone or tablet.

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