Teen Tooth Trends: Understanding the Horrors of Homemade Braces

Some trends turn out to be a good idea and others are the complete opposite, which is certainly the case when it comes to the idea of homemade braces.

You only have to spend a few minutes talking to a teen orthodontist in NYC or anywhere else for that matter, to understand that anyone contemplating the idea of making a homemade brace should think very carefully about the potential consequences of trying to save some money.

The risk to your teeth

A quick search of the internet will most likely reveal someone offering to sell a DIY brace and fix your teeth so that they become nice and straight.

The reality of what could actually happen to your teeth is alarming and rather than fixing your wonky teeth, dental surgeons everywhere are warning that there is just as much chance of losing your teeth altogether rather than turning them into a perfect smile, so if you want to try braces it might be worth looking at someone similar to Babiner Dental if you are interested in getting braces, and get it done by a professional.

The practice being advertised online is referred to as gap band and there is every chance that applying a gap band by following one of the numerous YouTube instructional videos will result in permanent damage to your gums.

No need to go to the dentist

The selling point of this homemade “solution” is that you can straighten your teeth without having any need to visit the dentist. This doesn’t sound like something you should try, as I can just picture all that can go wrong with this. Dentists are here for a specific reason, so it makes sense to use the services they offer, rather than taking things into your own hands. It’s easier to search something like Dentist Frederick than it is to try and become a dentist in your own home, no matter how good you think you are.

Whilst this would obviously be a cheaper option it is clearly a terrible idea and if you view a wide offering cheap easy braces the clue is in the dialogue about the dangers, as the demonstrator advises that wearing the bands but it will be worth it in the end.

There is every chance that these homemade braces are going to be the complete opposite of worth it and although the cost comparison between proper dental care and the online DIY kit makes it tempting, there is every reason to resist the urge to cut corners when it comes to your teeth and your oral health in general. You really shouldn’t try to cut corners when it comes to your teeth (or health for that matter), so if you want to get your teeth checked, then you should take a look at someone like Orthodontex to give you an idea of what to do next and what is on offer to you.

What you could do to your gums

Using these homemade elastic bands is almost certainly going to give you some problems with your gums and any money you save will seem very insignificant when you have to visit your dentist and try and resolve whatever issues you have inflicted on yourself.

What you need to consider is that dentists and orthodontists such as Grand Family Dentistry in Mandeville or someone equally qualified and professionally trained knows how to apply braces correctly. So if you attempt to use these cheaper online brands as an alternative, there is a good chance that too much pressure will be applied to your gums and the blood supply can get cut off. It would thus, be a wise option to consider getting your teeth checked by specialists, rather than doing it yourself.

When this happens, this will change the shape of your gums and cause a severe inflammation and subsequent infection.

Not all of us have dental cover in place to cover the cost of orthodontics but teenagers and anyone for that matter who is considering the DIY route, should think long and hard about buying a homemade alternative to visiting your orthodontist for proper treatment, especially when the ultimate result could be losing their teeth altogether.

This is a guest post by Shannon Cross who is studying orthodontics at dentistry school. She became interested in orthodontics as a career after having braces fitted at 13. She shares industry news and what she is learning through her writing for health related blogs.