Four Hours, Four Wonderful Women

Finally! After what seemed like a hundred years, schedules matched and we were able to go out for dinner again. Four hours is never enough for chitchats with these beautiful moms but it’s often the only time we could spare to catch up with each other’s lives. Four hours may be bitin but I’ll take it whenever I can. 🙂

 photo MG1.jpg

(L-R: the 10-pounds-overweight Me, Arcee of I Love Hues, Gene of Corbitoness, and Bev of Momsicle Online)

We intended to dine at MannHann but I sucked at reading the mall map (how I wish they had a digital signage mall, it would have been so much easier to understand) and ended up leading us in the opposite side of the mall. We were all famished so we decided to have dinner at one of the restaurants nearest us. Mesa was full, there was a Ramen place across it but no one was in the mood for ramen. So, Gaucho it was. Good thing it didn’t disappoint us!

Since we were all light eaters, we only ordered one appetizer, one salad dish, and one main course. Thinking that the food may not be enough, I almost ordered one of the side dishes. Good thing I decided to wait ‘coz the salad’s serving was hefty and the main course was quite filling.

Here’s a quick peek of what we had. Pardon the poor quality of the photos, I was just using my camera phone. Plus, we were all famished and couldn’t wait to dig in. 😛

Fugazetta with Spinach & Italian Prosciutto (Php 490)

It was a consensus, this was the best one among the three dishes! The crust was perfectly crisp. The prosciutto’s delicate sweet flavor complemented the saltiness of the cheese and the tanginess of the pizza sauce. An order of this comes with eight slices (one is missing from the photo below coz someone was starving – it wasn’t me!) which is just enough for two diners but bitin for us four.

 photo MGfugazeta.jpg

Fugazetta is an Argentinian thin crust pizza made with chickpea flour & provolone. Aside from Spinach & Italian Prosciutto, there are two more topping options: Sweet Onion & Oregano (P360) and Chorizo, Anchovies, Tomatoes, Olives (P470).


Ensalada de Remolacha y Ricotta (Php 280)

If one were to have this salad and nothing else, the big bowlful of salad they served us would still be enough to fill three tummies. It was hefty! This generous serving of lettuce greens, arugula, sweet pickled beets(remolacha) and ricotta cheese drizzled with Italian vinaigrette was what kept me from ordering a side dish.

 photo MGsalad.jpg

Falda a la Cruz US Beef Shortplate (Php 550)

The US Beef Shortplate slow roasted from the fire pit was served with Chimichurri, assorted organic pickles (eggplant, onion, zucchini I think) and unlimited steamed rice. The meat was tender and juicy but I’m trying to lose a couple (make it more like a dozen!) of pounds so I just settled with a slice. This serving was just enough for the four of us but those with bigger tummies may find this serving good for just one person. 🙂

 photo MGbeef.jpg

Overall, we loved the food and the ambiance at Gaucho. We didn’t stay for desserts though as Bev was collecting stickers from Starbucks where we opted to have coffee and cakes. 🙂

Four hours is definitely too short a time to spend with these beautiful ladies. But I’m grateful that even if we don’t get to share as many “four hours” together as we wish, we’re all able to keep in touch online and know that our friendship is for keeps. 😀

Maskipaps Veggie Dishes Using Porksavor

When you’ve got two active little kids and no house helper, one of the things you absolutely must learn is to cook meals faster than they could finish their fave jigsaw puzzles.   Even if you’re no expert in the kitchen, you somehow find ways to whip up a dish in less than 15 minutes.  Not only that, you also get mighty good at making a meal out of whatever is in the fridge and pantry.

A few weeks ago, we were given a challenge to prepare a dish using PORKSAVOR™ All-in-One Seasoning Mix.  Since I’m no expert in the kitchen, I decided on making dishes that are quick and easy to cook using the usual veggies we have in the fridge. The first two dishes that I made used basically the same ingredients: carrots, potatoes, squash, tofu, and PORKSAVOR™.  The ingredients used for both cost less than 50 pesos in all.  Now that’s what you call a real budget meal!

 photo AjiPork1.jpg

For the first dish, VEGGIE LUMPIA, I julienned the carrots, potatoes, squash, and tofu.  While sauteing,  I added a dash of PORKSAVOR™ to add natural pork flavor to the dish.  Once cooked, I wrapped them in lumpia wrapper then deep fried them for a few seconds.  Prep and cooking time for this dish takes just around 10 minutes.

 photo AjiVeggieLumpia.jpg

Crunchilicious delight! Even the non-veggie eater ate this one. 🙂

Using half of the veggies above, I made some VEGGIE NUGGETS for the little girl’s baon.  The carrots, potatoes, and squash were diced, thrown together in a pot, and boiled til tender.  The tofu was mashed and seasoned with PORKSAVOR™ to allow the flavor to permeate.  Add boiled vegetables to the seasoned tofu and mash with a fork. I used a hand blender for this but the mixture turned out too mushy so better just mash the mixture with a fork to retain some texture.  Once veggies and tofu are evenly blended, form the mixture into any shape you want.  Dust with seasoned flour, Crispy Fry, or Japanese bread crumbs then deep fry for just a few seconds.

 photo AjiVeggieNuggets.jpg

Thumbs up! Li’l girl always loves her bento baons. The veggie nuggets were tasty but were too mushy though. Thumbs down for using the hand blender. 😛

Before publishing this post, I was able to cook another simple dish using PORKSAVOR™.  Another healthy budget meal,  this GINATAANG KALABASA WITH MALUNGGAY uses ingredients that also cost less than 50 pesos!  The kalabasa costs P10, the malunggay is P5, the gata(coconut cream) is around P10, and the PORKSAVOR™ just 2 pesos.  Moreover,  cooking this is a no-brainer as you only need to put everything together in a pan, boil, and simmer until cooked.  I actually ran out of gas while cooking this dish and had to finish cooking it in a rice cooker.  Although I left it longer that necessary in the rice cooker, the dish still tasted yummy.

 photo AjiKalabasaMalunggay.jpg

These three dishes are so easy to cook that even kitchen newbs can whip them up without any trouble at all.  The humble veggies are given real meaty taste as the new PORKSAVOR™ All-in-One Seasoning Mix is made from natural pork meat extract and bone broth.  There’s also no need to use the typical panggisa garlic and onions because PORKSAVOR™ comes complete with spices and seasonings to bring out the deliciousness of home-cooked dishes.

aji pork savor

Have you tried the PORKSAVOR™ All-in-One Seasoning Mix already?  Care to share what dishes you created with it? I’d love to give your recipe a try. 🙂

RC COLA: The Cola for Pinoys

Unbeknownst to many, RC Cola has been in the market for more than 100 years.  It is one of the first softdrinks developed and sold in the United States. Through the years, it has continued to provide refreshment that is truly satisfying and that comes at an affordable price.

Satisfying. Affordable.  Two words that any housewife like me would be delighted to hear.  RC Cola is both – it’s big on taste and big on savings.  This is one of those few cases where cheap is not substandard.  It may be low in price, but it’s definitely high in quality.  It’s no wonder it’s fast gaining popularity again with Pinoy consumers.

I remember sharing bottles of RC Cola with my sisters when we were young. With our limited school allowance, RC was the frugal choice for our soda fix.  Apart from the price, we also love its sweet cola taste.    Through the years, this softdrink brand has managed to keep the same old RC taste we have loved. Whether you pair it with meals or quick snacks, RC complements just about any food.

Our next-door neighbor sells RC products so we can conveniently buy them anytime – even in the middle of a meal that doesn’t seem complete without our cola drink.  I know that more and more Pinoys are choosing them over the popular sodas.  As a matter of fact, my neighbor told me that they sell more RC Cola compared to other cola brands.

 photo rccolahoney_zpsc96429aa.jpg


The RC Cola brand is one with a truly unique heritage.  Originally launched in 1905 by pharmacist Claud A. Hatcher of Columbus, Georgia, USA.  Consumers first knew it as “Chero-Cola.”In 1934, Chero-Cola was reformulated and re-released as Royal Crown (RC), a brand that is even more admired today.

Just a bit of trivia here, Hatcher developed his own brand RC Cola when a local salesman of a very popular cola brand refused to give him a discount despite his bulk purchases.  By concocting his own cola, he was able to sell them for a much lower price.

You may not know it also but RC Cola was actually the first brand that sold softdrinks in a can.  It was also the first one to develop a diet-cola and a caffeine-free cola.

From the “working man’s drink” in Georgie decades ago, RC Cola transcends social classes and is now enjoyed the world over.

 photo RCColaworld_zps9bc8efe0.png

In the Philippines, RC Cola has the crisp, satisfyingly delicious cola flavor that stands out from competition by the right blend of ingredients suited for the Pinoy’s taste buds.

 photo RCColaProducts_zps512b6a47.png

RC Cola is the brand of cola soft drink that stands out from competition through the right blend of ingredients suited for the Filipino taste.

I’m a sweet-toothed Pinoy which makes RC Cola a great choice for me.  It has none of the strong carbonated flavor in other softdrinks that has made me veer away from sodas.  I have to dilute other sodas with a big handful of ice cubes for me to be able to drink them comfortably.  On the other hand, RC Cola has that smooth and sweet cola taste that’s refreshing even without ice.

 photo rccolafromstore_zps06f6c22f.jpg

RC Cola products from our friendly neighborhood sari-sari store. 🙂
SRP for the small bottles is just 5 pesos!

When was the last time you tried RC Cola?  If you can’t remember, grab a bottle at the nearest store and feel a rush of childhood memories as you guzzle down the refreshingly sweet RC taste.  RC Cola has managed to keep its legendary taste – a taste so unique you’ll never forget it.  Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers, I know you’ll agree! 🙂

Know more about RC Cola and their recent promos through

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Natural Pork Can Be Part of a Healthy Meal

Could natural pork and other responsibly farmed food be the cure to what ails you? The great philosopher Hippocrates said something quite interesting at the time of 400 B.C. “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” These days people seem to think of anything but food as their medicine. Pharmaceutical companies make millions off of drugs that help control symptoms. Symptoms are caused by an underlying problem. Imagine driving your car to work when suddenly you start to hear a loud clunking noise coming from under the hood. Would you just buy some heavy metal albums and turn them up loud enough that you couldn’t hear the clunking anymore? Obviously that is a poor solution and could lead to further and more expensive damage to your vehicle. Your body is no different. Sadly, when people feel symptoms, they usually go straight for the pills that can help cover them up for a while.

Eat Better, Feel Better, and Move Better

The way you feel right now is a direct result of how you live your life. You can’t make a permanent change in your health without making a permanent change in your lifestyle. You couldn’t fix your car by covering up the noises and you can’t fix your body by covering up symptoms. You have to look into the root cause of your symptoms and fix the problem. You may think that is a task that sounds too complicated. However, the root cause is almost always related to your lifestyle. If you eat too much processed and unnatural food, your body can become inflamed and irritated by trying to process all the junk.

Use Natural Food to Fight Inflammation

Inflammation is related to pretty much every disease and disorder known to man. Luckily, you can get your inflammation under control through simple improvements to your lifestyle. Change things for one month and you will feel and see the improvement in your health. Choose to eat food that is as natural as possible. Most pigs are raised in terrible conditions. They are put in cages with no room to move whatsoever. They are covered in fecal matter and treated with medicine to keep them alive until they’re ready for the butcher block. Natural pork is raised by farmers that actually care about the welfare of their animals. Remember, you are what you eat!

iCake by Goldilocks…iCrave!!!

Here’s an iPhone I won’t mind giving my two preschoolers.  Fits my budget well, and fills their tummy oh so nicely!
 photo iCake2013_zps29a8208e.jpg

iCrave for Goldilocks iCake


Since its introduction in 2007, the iPhone has become one of the most well-known and most visible gadgets around. Due in part to its groundbraking design, user-friendly interface, and disctintive aesthetics, this remarkable smartphone has taken the entire world by storm. So what better way to pay tribute to this cultural icon than by making it huge and edible? Decorated with scrumptious life-like Application icons, the iCake from Goldilocks is something that tech-savvy users and iPhone lovers alike would certainly enjoy!

This high-tech Goldilocks celebration cake now comes in 8×12 inches of geeky goodness. Definitely more affordable than the actual iPhone, the iCake is readily available for purchase and can be personalized with your own choice of delicious Application icons. Moreover, under the simulated touch screen, cake lovers can have their choice of mocha, chocolate and marble layers. Delicious and fun, this Goldilocks creation caters to those with “nerdy” palates. Head over to your nearest Goldilocks branch or call Goldiocks Go-Delivery 888-1-999 to satisfy your sweet cravings