Join the Beach Fun at Gravitas’ All White Party

One of the best things about living in a tropical country is that we get to enjoy the beach all-year-round. Even those who live in city just need to drive a few hours to have a dose of sea air. Oh yes, I can just imagine watching the stars under a clear blue sky with the cool ocean breeze lulling me to sleep then waking up to the wonderful scent of the morning sea air and seeing the magical rays of the sun shimmering in the water.  Can you imagine it, too?  Well, you can do more than just imagine – make it a reality!

Join us this weekend, December 5, at the ALL WHITE PARTY presented by Gravitas Events Management and Matabungkay Beach Hotel.

gravitas all white party


Gather your friends for a quick getaway this weekend! I’m sure you’re all yearning for a break from the tedious routine of work at the city.  So, what better way to cap off your week than beach, booze, and bash!

The ALL WHITE PARTY promises to be a great bash with DJ Jennifer Lee and DJ Khai playing the coolest and funkiest mixes that’ll turn the beach into one hot party place.

Ticket prices are at

  • P 850/ person ( includes set meal/ 2 drinks/ entrance fee)
  • P 4,400/group of 4 (includes set meal/ 2 drinks/ entrance fee and accommodation for 4 persons)
  • P 300 – For Batangas residents only with 1 drink

Come in groups of 4 so you can avail of the package with room accommodations.  4,400 pesos is such a steal! Aside from the beach party in the evening, you’d still get to enjoy the beach in the morning.  The package may not include breakfast yet, but food at the hotel is very affordable with breakfast plates costing less than 300 pesos.

brekky Matabungkay photo PhotoGrid_1448985858035.jpg

Breakfast plate with fresh fruit and coffee costs 200+. That plateful of bacon (with 3 strips already eaten by my li’l hungry caterpillars) costs less than 100!

Get your tickets now from Gravitas Events Management, call or text 0919-9450528. You can also get tickets at Matabungkay Beach Hotel Front office desk in Lian, Batangas, call them at 0917-8341269.

gravitas all white tickets

Come in your sexiest and hunkiest ALL WHITE attire and get a chance to WIN an overnight stay for two with breakfast at Matabungkay Beach Hotel.

See you on the 5th!!!!

#DOI2015: Disney On Ice Magical Ice Festival

Aside from all the Christmas festivities, there’s one more thing that many Filipino children look forward to every December – Disney On Ice! And this year, so many little princesses will be begging their parents to buy tickets real early.  Believe me, tickets will run out fast!

Elsa and Anna are making their debut here in the Philippines this December! Of course, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven will be joinng them in a magical winter adventure. My little girl’s so excited to watch the Disney On Ice Magical Ice Festival at the Big Dome. Heck, even my little boy wants to go because he has a crush on Anna (ssshhhh….don’t tell him I let you know ;D).

2015 DOI poster

Aside from featuring Disney’s Academy Award® winning and number one animated feature film of all time Frozen, Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival will also feature three Disney royal adventures.

“This year’s Disney On Ice is truly magical with Disney properties that are packed with heart and personality. We have princesses that are exuberant and strong-willed, but we’ve also expanded the roles of spirited supporting characters, so that they’re more prominent in the show,”

∼Nicole Feld, Producer, Disney On Ice 2015∼

Princess Ariel, Rapunzel, and Belle will captivate us not just with their beauty but also their bravery, wit, and humor.  They will make us giggle and laugh with comical segments that give the Disney fairy tales we have grown to love a new twist we would love even more.

A Magical Festival

Exhilarating. Amazing. Fantastic. Fabulous. I could go on and on with a whole slew of adjectives but nothing could even come close to how awesome this year’s Disney On Ice will be!  Magical lighting effects, dazzling costume designs, spectacular props and stage designs, and jaw-dropping stunts will definitely make the Disney On Ice Magical Ice Festival the most amazing show you’d ever seen.

You really, definitely, absolutely wouldn’t want your kids to miss this, so get your tickets now. Ticket prices range from P175 (General Admission) to P2,200 (Patron VIP). Buy your tickets via TicketNet online or call 911-5555 for more details.

2015 DOI flyer 9x6in back

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Via Mare: 40 Years of Splendid Cuisine and Fond Memories

It has often been said that one of the best ways to know and understand the history and culture of a nation is through its local cuisine.  Food, more than just providing nourishment for the body, can tell you how people have evolved and how a nation has developed through centuries. While there are many restaurants that serve Filipino cuisine, there is none as “historic” as Via Mare.

The past 40 years is not only the story of a restaurant,
it is a story of the Filipino people.
∼ Chef Glenda Barretto ∼

The Living Legacy of Filipino Food

This September, Via Mare is celebrating its 40th year serving our favorite Filipino dishes that always remind us of home. Since the Via Mare Seafood Specialty Restaurant opened its doors on the 5th of September 1975, Via Mare has continued to be the country’s premier restaurant and catering company and has brought global recognition to Filipino cuisine.

For 40 years now, Via Mare has always been the first choice for hosting state dinners for heads of states and dignitaries, high-profile weddings of illustrious families, and gala dinners for famous celebrities and international events. It has had the privilege of serving Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis during their Papal Visits. It was the trusted caterer for the 1996 APEC Summit and the 2007 ASEAN Summit.  The glorious aroma of Via Mare’s dishes has wafted through the dining halls of Malacañang Palace time and again.

For 40 years now, Via Mare has continued to serve us our favorite comfort food that evoke memories of our childhood years. The Via Mare Oyster Bar is where we all go to for the freshest and most succulent oysters.  For our much craved bibingkas, kare-kare, arroz caldo and puto bumbong, we head over to Café Via Mare.

At 40 years, we have shown the world and most especially our fellow Filipinos, what Filipino cuisine is all about – it is about the freshest of ingredients cooked in influences of our ancestors and the rich heritage of the Filipino nation, sprinkled with the love and affection of a Filipino chef.


Comfort Food All Day Long

Although it has evolved through the years to reach a wider clientele, Via Mare continues to serve our family favorites with the same fresh ingredients cooked with love following recipes passed through generations. Café Via Mare, the country’s first authentic Filipino café, offers Filipino breakfast, lunch, dinner, and merienda.

 photo PhotoGrid_1441069926496.jpg

Filipinos are heavy breakfast eaters.  Our breakfast table would often have big baskets of pan de sals or huge platters of rice with an assortment of ulam (viand).  Everyday, Café Via Mare serves  fresh pan de sal grilled with corned beef, Vigan longganisa, Laguna cheese, or queso de bola. Our favorite breakfast rice meals can be enjoyed any time.  Ask for the Altanghap(ALmusal, TANGhalian, HAPunan) menu when you’re craving for tapa, smoked bangus, tuyo flakes, or tocino.

 photo PhotoGrid_1441069106101.jpg

My kind of breakfast! Grilled pandesal with kesong puti and a warm cup of Tsokolate. 🙂


For lunch and dinner, Café Via Mare has an array of salads with native greens, our Filipino favorties – crispy binagoongan, kare-kare, sinigang, and comfort food like arroz caldo and tokwa’t baboy.

 photo PhotoGrid_1441067172410.jpg

Ensaladang Pako , P220
Healthy and fresh bunches of crisp fern leaves with tomatoes, salted egg and shrimps with a simple refreshing vinaigrette

 photo PhotoGrid_1441067536929.jpg

Pinais na Alimasag, P 380

My new favorite!!! I love crab, I love coconut.  This blue crab shell stuffed with crabmeat and young coconut, cooked in coco cream is definitely something I’d order again and again and again.

 photo PhotoGrid_1441069459875.jpg

Crispy Binagoonan, P 325

This deconstructed pork binagoonan may not be served the traditional way but all the flavors we love are there.

 photo PhotoGrid_1441069645120.jpg

Tortang Alimasag, 195

This crabmeat omelet served with fried vegetable eggroll is for you if you love crab but dislike having to flake the meat off the shells. 🙂

 photo PhotoGrid_1441070098572.jpg

Rellenong Bangus, 560

This stuffed whole milkfish with savory tomato sauce will surely remind many of so many cherished family gatherings.

 photo PhotoGrid_1441070251517.jpg

Arroz Ala Cubana, P 285

Ground beef cooked in sofrito with raisins and snow peas. Served with fried egg and plantain. Yummy!

 photo PhotoGrid_1441070402541.jpg

Sinigang na Hipon, P 320

My ultimate comfort food! Fresh shrimps in tamarind broth with vegetables. My tummy would have its fill of this any day of the week.


I do believe that no Filipino has only three meals per day.  We all love having our morning and afternoon meriendas.  At Via Mare, we can have our native puto bumbong, palitaw, and guinataang halo-halo anytime of the day.  When the day gets really hot, we can always cool down with a huge serving of halo-halo and guinomis.

 photo PhotoGrid_1441068870522.jpg

Two meriendas that remind me so much of childhood afternoons with family and friends. I wish they will soon have a sampler platter like this available soon!



  photo PhotoGrid_1441070685383.jpg

Via Mare is definitely part of our country’s history and culture.  It has served us for 40 years and I’m sure it will continue to serve for hundreds of years more.  This is our generations legacy to the Filipinos of the next generations.



To find the Via Mare restaurant nearest you and to know more about their menu and products, visit  Like ViaMarePH on Facebook  to stay updated on promos and offerings.

 photo PhotoGrid_1441066919828.jpg

Start Your Wellness Journey with Robinsons Supermarket

I LOVE WELLNESS! Well, who doesn’t? All of us strive to be always in the pink of health. We go to the gym. Do Pilates, yoga, crossfit and other fitness activities. We buy the best juicers we can afford so our family can enjoy fresh fruit and veg juices right in our own homes. We make sure that we serve our family healthy dishes cooked using the freshest ingredients. Understanding how important good health is to the Filipino families, Robinsons Supermarket has made a commitment to provide healthy selections at affordable prices.

Robinsons Supermarket has definitely gone a long way since it was established in 1985. It is now the second largest supermarket chain in the country and the FIRST major retailer to promote health and wellness. Part of its WELLNESS COMMITMENT is to help more Filipinos make healthier choices and make it as convenient as possible.

To encourage more people to start their wellness journey, Robinsons Supermarket launched the WELLNESS CARAVAN a few years ago. Every year, the caravan is set in different branches of Robinsons Supermarket. Shoppers are treated to fun games, product booths, and freebies as they are encouraged to embark on their journey to wellness. This is an attempt to create a better self-service experience for their customers. Did you know that the self-service principle exists online too? For more information why not check out, it does a great job of explaining self-service!

 photo PhotoGrid_1439416644452.jpg

Last weekend, the Wellness Caravan was at Robinsons Supermarket Metroeast and I was able to join the fun. I did all five activities to complete my stamp card so I could claim a free I?Wellness ecobag with goodies inside. I also checked out a few of the product booths offering free samples.

Heart On the Move

 photo PhotoGrid_1439417739988.jpg

I pedalled like crazy for a cup of fresh watermelon juice! I wish I had a bike like this at home. 🙂

Box Your Mind

 photo PhotoGrid_1439417437264.jpg

Proud to say that my mind is still sharp. I finished this set in just a few seconds!

Dare To Touch

 photo PhotoGrid_1439417348847.jpg

Oooooo….what’s inside the boxes?! Careful with the last box!

Discover Wellness

 photo PhotoGrid_1439417201148.jpg

Spell “I Love Wellness”. Quite an easy task if not for the difficulty of finding the right balls from the tub.

Love Your Home

 photo PhotoGrid_1439416939493.jpg

Whew! I thought I wouldn’t get a stamp for this task. Folding shirts is not that easy. 😛

Yey! Got all five stamps on my card. Quickly headed off to the customer service area to claim my I?Wellness bag.

 photo PhotoGrid_1439417781128.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1439417521827.jpg

Get healthy freebies like this for a minimum purchase of 3,000 pesos inclusive of featured products.

Before going out for lunch, I visited three of the product booths offering wellness checkups, fun games, and free samples.


 photo PhotoGrid_1439416543148.jpg

Managed to stick two balls on the shirt. Yey!

Dove Moisture Test

 photo PhotoGrid_1439416379082.jpg

My skin was a bit dry. Need to slather on lotion every night again.

Ponds Skin Age Test

 photo PhotoGrid_1439417913343.jpg

Oh-em-gee!!!! My skin’s age is in the 40s. This was a wake up call for me! Time to slather on moisturizer and sunscreen EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The Wellness Caravan was at Robinsons Supermarket Metroeast for only two days but fresh and healthy food is available all year round. The Health & Wellness section carries a rich variety of nutritious food. The Healthy You exclusive line of healthy products, the ready-to-eat Healthy Selections station, and the make-your-own-salad station all make it much more convenient to eat healthy and stay healthy.

The Wellness Caravan was at Robinsons Supermarket in Tagaytay during the first weekend of August. Check out what Mommy Levy had to say about it (click here). This weekend, the caravan will be in Meycauayan Bulacan. And on the last weekend of August, it’ll be in Cabanatuan.

Want to know where the next Wellness Caravan will be? Follow Robinsons Supermarket in their social media sites and be updated with the caravan schedule and their latest promos.


Facebook: Robinsons Supermarket Official

Twitter: RobSupermarket

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Cool Finds at The Robinsons Red Hot Sale 2015

Don’t let the August rainshowers dampen your spirits! Head on over to the Robinsons Mall nearest you for some retail therapy.  Even frugal moms like me would score plenty of cool finds at The Robinsons Red Hot Sale 2015!

 photo Red Hot Sale 2015 poster web.jpg

Last Saturday was the perfect mix of business and leisure for me. We were invited to check out what the Red Hot Sale has to offer and I got to spend the entire afternoon eating, shopping, and being pampered. I’m sure you’re excited to know what’s on sale so I’m not going to bore you with how my day went and just show you my awesome finds!

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