4 Ways to Reduce the Stress of Moving House

Moving house can be an exciting prospect but when the reality of having to pack and relocate really sets in, few people can maintain their enthusiasm. Unfortunately, the excitement that moving house can bring is replaced with feelings of frustration, stress and anxiety. Don’t dwell on the difficulty! There are ways to significantly reduce moving-stress and make the whole process much easier, efficient and even enjoyable.

Image by Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image by Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

1. Use professional cleaners

When moving, it is not just packing and unpacking that consumes your time and energy. In most cases, you will need to leave the house that you are moving from completely clean. Also, you will want to know that the house you are moving to has been thoroughly cleaned with close attention to detail.

Unless you passionately love cleaning and have abundant time on your hands, you are wisest to engage the support of a professional cleaning company, such as Absolute Domestics. Professional cleaners know how to get a home hygienically clean and ready for you to either depart or move into. They will also willingly do the cleaning jobs that are time consuming and that you least enjoy – think of cleaning venetian blinds and shutters or scrubbing the grout in bathrooms.

You will almost certainly have so much to do and so much to think about when moving that having professional cleaners help you will be a great load off your mind and a valuable source of support.

2. Have a mass clean-out

Without question, getting rid of clutter and all the bits and pieces that you really don’t need is an excellent way to reduce moving house stress. Clutter provokes stress and by getting rid of your junk, you will feel more free and ready to move.

You should definitely carry out your de-cluttering effort prior to moving, as there is little to be gained from taking things with you only to sort them out at your destination. As you de-clutter, decide whether each item should be thrown out, donated, recycled or even sold. There is now so many ways to re-sell items and make a little money from the items that you no longer want or need.

3. Schedule packing time

Knowing you have to pack can be a huge weight on your mind. Tackle your packing by scheduling chunks of packing time in your calendar. Just as you would schedule an appointment, this time should allow you to exclusively focus on packing in readiness for your move. To make optimal use of your packing time, try to find someone to care for any children you may have and do not be distracted by other demands (such as work) during the time you have designated for packing.

4. Collect boxes

In advance of your move, start to accumulate boxes, newspaper, butchers paper and bubble wrap. All of these items can be used for wrapping items and moving, and collecting as many boxes as possible will save you money – there is no denying that packing boxes are expensive to buy, especially when you need so many of them. Check with friends, stores and businesses to see if they have any boxes that you could use.

Moving is generally stressful, but by using these and other strategies, you can reduce the anxiety and difficulty that is typically associated with moving house.

Image by Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image by Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Addressing Danger Safely

Radon is a poisonous gas that can reach unsafe levels within a home or business. While this is an obvious fact to a number of people, the truth remains that it needs to be removed from a building safely. Fortunately, there are ways this can be done.

Understanding Radon Better

Keep in mind that radon is odorless and colorless. Radon is the result of the breakdown of uranium over the course of time. Besides this, it is radioactive. Radon does not distinguish where it goes, and it can usually be found within soil. One of the concerns about radon is that it can be a source of cancer due to it being radioactive. Furthermore, radon can be easily ingested by people of many different ages without knowing it.

Responding to Radon

Although radon can be alarming, the good news is that there are professionals who are willing and able to remove radon from a home or business. Although there are a number of different ways of doing this, the radon removal process is called radon mitigation. Before radon is removed, professionals can take a test to determine the level of radon within a home. There may be a few instances where a second test needs to be taken in order to understand a radon situation better. Once this has been done, a plan will be set in place in order to remove radon from the home as well as the soil underneath the building. A home that has a basement will receive a different form of mitigation when compared to a home that is built on a concrete slab. Some homes have a ventilation system where radon is taken from under a home and piped outside. This is just one of many forms of mitigation that a professional can use in order to keep a home safe.

Although mitigation does take some time, it can take care of radon that is within a home. Knowing that a home is free of radon can be priceless. People can feel at peace knowing that their home is safe.

3 Ways To Find the Best Air Conditioning Company

Having heating and air conditioning that works properly is essential for feeling comfortable in your own home. If you live in a climate that is prone to having extremely hot or cold temperatures, heating and air conditioning become even more vital. Therefore, it is important to have a company you can call to repair these systems if something should go wrong with either of them. If you own a furnace or an air conditioner long enough, it will eventually break down. Here is how you can go about hiring a heating and air conditioning company.

1. Ask your friends and neighbors

In your effort to stay cool or warm, whatever the case may be, you should first attempt to gather some references by speaking to people that you know very well. These are people you can trust. They have your best interest at heart. They will not steer you towards a specific repair company because of some ulterior motive. In these situations, it is always good to have people you can talk to who you know are always being honest with you. Find out the last time these people had their furnace or air conditioner repaired. Did the repair company do a good job? Were they on time and professional? Would they recommend that you use the same company?

2. Surf the Internet

You should also spend some time online visiting the websites of various heating and repair companies in your area. Take a look at the level of experience each company has. This will be an important factor in whether or not you hire them. You should also look at the equipment they use and the services they offer.

3. Set up appointments

Once you have a few heating and air conditioning companies in mind, you will need to set up a few appointments. Have the companies come to your house and give you an estimate for how much the repair work is going to cost. Let each company know that you have called other companies for estimates. This will give them more incentive to give you their best price.

Tips To Help You Be a Responsible Dog Owner

“Cute Home Cute Dogs” by jennythip / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

“Cute Home Cute Dogs” by jennythip / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

When you make the decision to share your life and your home with a dog, you should make a firm commitment to become a responsible dog owner who makes quality pet care a top priority. This may include making some adjustments to your schedule and implementing safety measures in your home. It also includes finding a veterinarian and boarding facility that you have confidence in.

Reasons for needing to board your dog

You may not have boarding your dog on your mind when you first bring your new canine companion home. However, finding a boarding facility that you feel comfortable with should be one of the first steps you take as a new dog owner. If you have recently moved to a new area and already own a dog, finding a boarding kennel should be high on your priority list.

Many people think that vacation time or business travel are the only reasons they might need to board their dog. However, there are other situations that could arise that make it necessary for you to board your dog. Family related medical emergencies or personal illness could make it necessary for you to board your dog.

Choosing a boarding kennel

When you’re exploring your choices of dog kennels in michigan, you want to look for specific qualities and features that the kennel offers. A boarding facility such as Paw Print Inn has state of the art features including a hospital-grade air filtration system, a security system and a central air vacuum system. They also offer numerous amenities to assure that your pet is comfortable and happy while staying there. The health and safety of your pet is their priority. Those are the type of features you want to look for when choosing a place to board your dog.

As a pet owner, you want to take the best care possible of your canine companion. Having a vet that you trust and a location for boarding your dog, should the need arise, are two of most responsible, stress-relieving steps a pet owner can take.

Top Ways to Improve Your Home’s Exterior Without Construction

During the summer months, you probably want to make sure that your home’s exterior looking great before hosting cookouts or simply enjoying your backyard. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to improve your home without relying on costly and time consuming building projects. Here are the top four ways to improve your home’s exterior without construction.

Clean Your Exterior Walls

Over time, the walls of your house that are exposed to the elements can develop a green or black grime that is difficult to remove with water alone. This grime can create an ugly appearance that can make your home seem careless and untidy. By removing grime and dirt from exterior walls, you can make your home appear clean and inviting. Your exterior walls can be cleaned using a hard brush and water, but this is not an effective method of cleaning corners and other hard to reach places. By hiring a pressure washing company, you can clean your home’s exterior in a manner that is thorough.

Paint Your Exterior Walls

Once your walls are clean, you can coat them with a fresh coat of paint. This can allow you to create a theme for your home depending on the type of impression you would like to send.  Avalanche Roofing is a great company to help with the exterior painting of  your home, they can probably do it quicker and faster than just you alone. If you are going for a beach look, try painting your walls with a pastel color. If you prefer a more rustic look, you may wish to opt for natural colors such as sage green or an earthy brown.

Stain Your Deck or Patio

The sun and precipitation can damage and discolor the wood and stone on your deck or patio. By using a good stain or restorer, you can protect your surfaces from any future damage and conceal existing damage. This is great for filling in cracks and hiding faded wood. Stains also come in a variety ranging from sandstone to indigo.

Tend to Your Gardens

Gardens can provide the finishing touches that your home needs to look outstanding. Planting colorful flowers such as roses, tulips, and morning glories can give your home a vibrant appearance that will capture the attention of many people who pass by. You should also be sure to replace your mulch once each year. This will keep your flower beds looking fresh and cut down on the presence of weeds.