Christmas Gift Ideas: Health and Beauty

I know many moms have now managed to tick off items from their Christmas lists.  But if you are one of those who have yet to start shopping for presents, here are a few not so ordinary gift ideas for the health and beauty of your loved ones.

Gifts of Beauty  

I know we often say that we shouldn’t judge any person by the way he or she looks. I do believe this.  However, that doesn’t mean that we should not care about how WE look at all.  I’m not talking spending hours (and a whole ton of cash) on makeup and beauty treatments. I do think that we all should  at least have a basic skin regimen to keep our skin healthy. So here are some ideas for giving the Gift of Beauty.

Gift Certificates. Makeup is a tricky thing to give as a gift. So are bath gels, lotions, and perfume. Let your loved ones be able to choose the right shade or the right scent for themselves by opting to give them gift certificates from their fave beauty shop.

Salon Treat. It is every woman’s wish to be able to have an entire day of pampering (ehem-ehem hubby Jasper!).  Treat the ladies you love with a whole day at the spa. Give them a complete package of facial treatment, body scrub and massage, mani-pedi, and hair spa and they won’t ever forget how special you made them feel this Christmas.

Skin Care Packs. Bags, clothes, makeup…these are among the most often gifted items during the Christmas season. This year, give them something that would make them look beautiful both inside and out. For women my age (proud almost-40 lady here!), the Celeteque Dermoscience Advance Anti-Aging Line is heavensent. The entire line works on any skin-type, even for sensitive ones, and is very effective in making ones skin look years younger.  Make the beauty regimen complete by adding some Myra-E’s to your gift basket.

 photo PhotoGrid_1448346951190.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1448574677006.jpg

Complete your beauty gift pack with some Myra-E and phCare products.


Gift of Health

We may have a slew of beauty products in our vanity table but if we are not healthy, all these would be for naught.  Here are some ideas which may seem unusual for gift-giving but are actually very great gifts to give to your loved ones.

Gym Membership. Get your loved ones a jump start on their fitness resolution next year.  A gym membership leaves them with no excuse not to exercise anymore. 😉

Health Kit. Who would ever give a basket full of vitamins and health supplements as a gift? Sounds weird, right?  But this kind of gift actually shows just how much you care about someone – and it’ll definitely be appreciated by the recipient. Unilab has come out with the Handy Health Kit which contains medicines that we all often use including Biogesic, Alaxan, Kremil-S, and Diatabs.

 photo PhotoGrid_1448347238727.jpg

The Unilab Handy Health Kit is something we all must have wherever we go. If your loved ones have tiny tots, throw in some Ceelin and Biogesic Syrups. These are among the medicines we always always always have at home. 🙂

Teen Years: Navigating Troubled Waters

You’ve hit the teenage years and you are at wit’s end with your son. Things were going smoothly and now it feels like major storms have set in. He’s become destructive in his behavior and his words, lashing out at everyone around him. Not only are his habits harmful to others, they are harmful to himself. This is your most precious gift. You don’t know what happened to cause this transformation, but you want to help your son to smooth his path and find inner calm again. The last thing you want to see is a dead end for your child. It’s time to take action before his problems become bigger than they already are.

Images by Artur84 /

Images by Artur84 /

Set Up an Intervention

When your teenager is acting out, you’re going to need help to confront him. Don’t take him on by yourself. Gather together friends and family members as a support system. Sit your son down and discuss your concerns. Everyone will be a part of the meeting, expressing their worries as well. Your son needs to know that you are doing this out of love, that you care for him and don’t want to see him throw his life away. The teen years can be a troubled time for many girls and boys. When they feel like they are drowning in their problems, you need to throw out a life preserver.

Be Present in Your Son’s Life

You need to be there for your son. Many think that the teen years are a time to let children be independent and leave them to their own devices. This is the point in life when your son needs your guidance more than ever before. Don’t let him have too much time alone. Make an effort to be home in the evenings, to sit together at the dinner table, and to be available when your teenager is heading off to school in the morning. If you drive your child to school, use that time as an opportunity to reach out. Try and turn his behavior around.

Get Help

If your attempts fail, speak with your son’s doctor about counseling services. Consider wilderness therapy programs at the Wood Creek Academy. When your son is put to the test in a challenging situation, he can find a new sense of direction in his life. A change in scenery may be the first step in making progress.


Parental Control Tools to Protect Kids in the Digital World

The internet offers a lot of benefits that bring ease and convenience in the day to day activities of everyone. But it can also add challenge to the complicated world of parenting. Instead of just browsing the net for tips on how to make the best waffles or how to raise well-rounded kids, you now find yourself searching how to stop cyber bullying. The use of social media and easy access to internet sites expose your children to the dangers of cyber bullying, inappropriate content, and cyber predators. The smart thing to do is to know more about these potential threats and find parenting tools to protect your kids in the digital world.

“Security Button On Mobile Screen” by Stuart Miles /

“Security Button On Mobile Screen” by Stuart Miles /

A major concern for parents is the child’s access to inappropriate content that may corrupt their minds or influence their behavior negatively. Parents can regulate the information or site that can be accessed by their kids by using tools like the Familoop – Parental Control Software. This digital parenting software provides comprehensive protection for kids while using the internet.  The parental control by Familoop allows guardians to block inappropriate content or websites. Parents can also regulate the YouTube videos that their kids can view through the YouTube parental control. One great feature of this internet filtering software is the Smart Protection Rules which makes use of age-based rules in web filtering.

The social media has become a popular tool for kids in expressing themselves. However, incidents of cyber bullying and the presence of cyber predators are things to worry about. Familoop Safeguard takes care of this concern through its parental control feature that gives them access to all social media, internet and mobile activities of their kids. Parents can look into profiles of people that interact with their kids and check for suspicious behaviors. This way, parents can nip the trouble in the bud and lessen the risk of their children getting hurt or violated online. However, it is important to know that parenting issues in the digital world are as sensitive as those of the real world. Familoop’s dashboard can be of help in this aspect as it provides a guide for potential issues and appropriate parenting advice.

Familoop Safeguard offers a comprehensive package of internet filtering, parental control, child locator, social network protection, and digital parenting advice. It is a great option for ensuring internet safety for kids. Opt-in early and get as much as 60% discount when the product is made available on Sept 2015. If you’re willing to shell out hundreds of dollars just to provide your children with the latest gadget, you must also be willing to shell out some funds for their protection online so do get the best one you can afford.

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4 Tips For Busy Mums

Image by Marin / FreeDigitalImages.Net

Image by Marin / FreeDigitalImages.Net

There’s no question that motherhood is an incredibly demanding role. Between raising the kids, running a household and career pressures, the strain of modern family life can feel all consuming at times. But don’t despair, there are many ways you can ease the stress. You can start by following these four tips for busy mums.

1. Slow down

Trying to do too many things at once can lead to chaos and confusion. Even if you consider yourself a master of multi-tasking, there’s only so much a busy mum can get done while trying to run a household. To avoid feeling as though you’re constantly trying to play catch-up each morning, take a moment to think of every single task you’d ideally like to complete that day and then list them in order of importance. By slowing down and setting yourself a clear set of objectives, you are far more likely to avoid distractions and be productive.

2. Develop a routine

Creating a consistent and realistic routine can help to take the stress out of motherhood. Studies have shown that young children thrive when their lives are structured around a daily schedule, providing them with a sense of security and comfort. Raising a family can be an unpredictable business, and there are sure to be ups and downs along the way. By establishing a routine, you can ease some of the pressure that comes with being a busy mum. The routine doesn’t have to be set in stone: try drawing up a schedule on a whiteboard, with a routine for each day of the week. Try and have your kids eat their meals and go to bed at roughly the same time every day to get the most out of your routine.

3. Find balance

Trying to create a stable work/life balance is one of the greatest challenges facing modern mums. Dividing time between your family and a demanding career can be stressful and exhausting, leading to feelings of frustration and unnecessary guilt. If you ever feel as though your job is taking up too much of your precious family time, consider opening your own business. There are plenty of resources available to busy mums looking to start a business. A good example of a business structure with built-in support is a telecommunications business. By partnering with a wholesale provider such as Telcoinabox, busy mums can start their own telecommunications company from the comfort of their own home.

4. Make time for yourself

If you never make time for yourself, the stress of being a busy mum can start to take its toll. Whether you schedule a set time each day to unwind, or simply seize the opportunity on a whim, never underestimate the power of relaxation. Going for a calming walk, catching up with friends or even stopping for a ten-minute meditation session can help to relieve stress. If you are constantly on the go from the second your alarm goes off in the morning, try getting up fifteen minutes earlier than you usually would. Allowing yourself a moment to gather your thoughts and prepare for the day ahead can make a huge difference to your stress levels.

Image by Marin / FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

Image by Marin / FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

Being a mum will always involve a certain amount of chaos and stress, but, by implementing just a few simple lifestyle changes, you can make the experience much less of a struggle for both you and your family. Do you have any tips for busy mums? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Three Strategies For People With Marital Struggles

At some point in their lives, most married couples will experience challenges in their romantic relationships. When this time comes, it’s important that you have systems and strategies in place that will help you and your partner continue operating as a successful unit. With that idea in mind, consider the following three strategies when you’re experiencing significant marital struggles:

1. Communicate

Communication is key at any point of a relationship, but it is especially important when you’re experiencing a problem. In order to devise a viable solution, your partner needs to understand exactly how you feel about the issue. If you mask your true feelings or simply don’t talk about the issue, you’ll just perpetuate the problem and further exacerbate the tension that is already present in the relationship. In recognizing this reality, be sure that you’re keeping the lines of communication open.

Image by Archipoch /

Image by Archipoch /

2. Consider Counseling

Yet another strategy you should try when experiencing a marital problem is counseling. In many cases, people do not have or develop the life skills necessary to make their marriage function successfully. And even if you have strong life skills that are relevant to the marriage realm, it’s often a good idea to get perspective and opinions from a third party who can offer you and your partner a more objective analysis of the relationship. For these reasons, seeking professional counseling services from an individual who is trained in helping people with troubled marriages is oftentimes the key to helping you and your partner move forward together.

Image by Simon Howden /

Image by Simon Howden /

3. Contact A Divorce Lawyer

In some cases, divorce is inevitable. Thus while you may be interested in saving your marriage, it’s important to note that simply letting it go is the most advantageous course of action in some cases. When you’ve realized that your attempts to save your marriage are not working, it’s time to contact a divorce lawyer. These days, there are a plethora of firms that can help individuals grapple with important legal issues pertaining to property, child custody, money, and much more. Cordell & Cordell is a firm you should consider if you’ve realized that divorce is unavoidable. Go here to learn more about how divorce lawyers can assist you.

Image by cuteimage /

Image by cuteimage /


If you’re currently experiencing a substantive challenge in your marriage, it’s important to note that there are many ways to resolve your problems. By implementing one or more of the marriage strategies discussed in the previous paragraphs, you will likely find the solution that helps you start leading the healthy, happy life you deserve!