Kids Will Be Jollier with The New Jolly Joy Box!

We have more reasons to love Jollibee Kids Meals!!! I know all kids already love it but Jollibee has made it even more jollier with the new Jolly Joy Box.

JJB Jolly Joy Box 2

Fun Learning with the New Jolly Joy Box

The Jolly Joy Box is more than just a simple package for your Jollibee Kiddie Meal.  This cute little red box with Jollibee’s jolly face printed on it has more surprises inside. When kids take out their meals and their toys, they can unfold the Jolly Joy Box to reveal learning activities – there are puzzles to solve, words to form, and various challenges to overcome.

The Jollibee Finger Twister, Spot the Difference, Jollibee Face Maze, and Your Favorite Jollibee Meal(jumbled letters) will not only entertain our kids but will also help nurture their creativity and imagination, and develop their problem-solving skills.  This interactive packaging is sure to make meal time so much more fun and exciting.

Jollibee and Friends Road Rollers

This August until September, the Jollibee Kids Meal comes with Jollibee and Friends Road Rollers.  After they finish their meals, kids can drive to wonderful adventures with the Fire Truck Troopers, the School Bus Buddies, and the Ambulance Rovers.

JJB School Bus Buddies

Roll out some fun on the way to school. Pull the bus backwards, insert the cards on both sides, and watch it drive to school.

JJB Fire Truck Troopers

Fill the toy with water, press the spray button, and put out fires to save lives!

JJB Ambulance Rovers

Quick! Take the victims of the fire to the nearest hospital.  Switch the light of the siren on and drive as fast as you can!

Jollibee Kids Meal with Pineapple Juice

Here’s another good news for moms like me!  The Jollibee Kids Meal now comes with regular pineapple juice. No need to pay extra to have that soda changed to a healthier drink. Yey!!!

Order all three Jollibee Kids Meals – Yumburger (P84), Jolly Spaghetti (P87), and 1-piece Chickenjoy (P104) – to collect ALL three Jollibee and Friends Road Rollers.  You’ll have not only food for the tummy but also food for the brain! 🙂 ♥

Ready for Battle with Ceelin Plus

Every single day we send our children out to battle. It’s a sad truth but our world has changed so drastically that we find ourselves gasping for survival (literally gasping in some countries). Air and water pollution, ozone depletion, global warming…all of these have wreaked havoc on our climate.  The weather has been so erratic that our bodies have difficulty adjusting – sometimes from extreme heat to frigid cold. Aside from that, strains of viruses and bacteria have grown more aggressive, more lethal.

“Ang mga sakit, madaling makahawa, mabilis lumala, mas nagtatagal”

This is why we, as moms, make our kids’ immunity our topmost priority in ensuring that they remain healthy and strong to ward off diseases. In our family, we boost our kids’ immunity with Ceelin Plus.

 photo PhotoGrid_1440390481767.jpg

Proteksyong Plus with Ceelin Plus

During our kids’ toddler years, they would easily get sick after a trip to the mall or to other public places.  Our little Jade used to be hospitalized annually for pneumonia and would have bouts with flu every few months.  One of the medicines their pediatrician prescribed was Ceelin Plus Zinc.  Since our kids started taking Ceelin Plus, bouts with cough, colds, and flu have been few and far between.

 photo Shield Merch 28_July 3 - resized.jpg

Ceelin Plus offers an extra layer of protection for our kids.  The first layer of protection, the Ceelin helmet, is Vitamin C.  The second layer, the Ceelin shield, is Zinc. Together, these two reduce the severity and shorten the bout of sickness.  The ZincPlus technology used in formulating Ceelin Plus ensures the optimum levels of Vitamin C and Zinc for superior protection.

We give Ceelin Plus to our kids every day “para ang sakit hindi tumalab, hindi lumala, hindi tumagal”.

It’s Kid-loved, Mom-approved, Pedia-recommended!  Why else would we look for another vitamin supplement?

Of course, aside from giving them Ceelin Plus, we also encourage our kids to eat healthy and be active. With the extra protection they have, we’re not afraid to let them play outside.

 photo PhotoGrid_1440400002518.jpg

Times have indeed changed and while we do still worry about our kids’ health and their future, our fears our allayed by our partners in health.

Ang batang naka-Ceelin Plus,
may Proteksyong Plus!

The 3rd Singapore Math Learning Festival

Only 10 days left before the 3rd Singapore Math Learning Festival! Parents, teachers, and school administrators are all enjoined to register and take part in this year’s learning fest aptly themed Preparing for the Future: Creativity and Innovation through Singapore Math.

Galileo Learning Festival

As parents and educators, it is our responsibility to prepare our children for the future.  We must help equip them with the necessary skills that will make them global citizens of the future.

For years now, educators have been honing learners’ 21st Century Skills needed for them to succeed and thrive in the new global workplace.  Among these 21st Century Skills, Creativity and Innovation are the key ingredients needed for solving problems and creating solutions.  This is why using the Singapore Math method has become more popular the world over.

Singapore Math is an effective tool in promoting creativity and innovation.  It has refined traditional ways of learning math and has transformed how learners see mathematics.  Critical thinking skills are greatly improved as learners find creative ways to solve math problems.

This year’s Singapore Math Learning Festival aims to educate parents, teachers, educators, and school administrators with creative and innovative teaching strategies in using Singapore Math. As a parent myself, I do encourage fellow parents and educators to attend this conference and be active partners in raising globally competitive learners.

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Eskulin Kids Shampoo in Refill Packs

REFILL PACK. Two words that are music to any frugal mom’s ears. So this news would make all moms who use Eskulin run to the nearest grocery.  Eskulin Kids Shampoo and Conditioner now comes in 500ml-refill packs. Yes, Finally! A kids’ shampoo in a refill pack!

 photo eskulin3.jpg

Among the shampoos that the kids have been using for years now, Eskulin shampoo continues to be their favorite. Obviously, their fave cartoon characters printed on the bottles pretty much explains why the kids love Eskulin but there’s really more to this shampoo than a pretty packaging.  Eskulin Kids Shampoo & Conditioner is specially formulated with double action Pro Vitamin B5 and Tea Tree Oil helps to keep hair smooth and healthy. The fruity fragrance stays long and keeps their hair smelling fresh even after several hours.

 photo eskulin2_1.jpg

With the refill pack, we not only save Mother Earth from plastic bottles but also save money for other expenses.  The 500ml refill pack costs only 151.75.  Compared to the 200 ml bottles that cost 114.75, that’s certainly a lot of savings! Now I just wish they would have different variants available.

I bought my refill packs in Save More.  The first time I bought them(about a month ago, I think), there were only a dozen or so packs on display.  This week, I only found two refill packs on the shelf so the next time they replenish their stocks, I’m definitely going to hoard. 😛

 photo eskulin1_1.jpg

One pack fits perfectly in the soap dispenser(re-used kiddie soap bottle).

FREE Jack ‘n Jill Mallow Puffs at the PUFF AND POST VENDO MACHINE

Who’s going to be in the Megamall area this weekend? Here’s something you should watch out for – the PUFF AND POST VENDO MACHINE!  Read on to know how you could get FREE JACK ‘n JILL MALLOW PUFFs.

Discover Delight with Jack ‘n Jill Mallow Puff’s Vendo Machine

Jack ‘n Jill Mallow Puff recently launched their new Puff and Post Vendo Machine which accepts social currency (i.e a Facebook post) in exchange for a box of Jack ‘n Jill Mallow Puff.

Here’s how it works: All you have to do is to take a picture of yourself using the machine’s built-in camera. With its variety of stickers, you can decorate your photo and finish off with a matching caption including the hashtag of #DiscoverDelight. Once you’ve uploaded your photo on Facebook or Instagram through the machine, it will instantly dispense a box of Jack ‘n Jill Mallow Puff. Each box contains two big pieces of Mallow Puff – delicious cake topped with a dome of fluffy marshmallow and coated with rich chocolate.

The vending machine will visit various malls in Metro Manila this March, loaded with Jack ‘n Jill Mallow Puff boxes for you to enjoy. You can catch it at SM Megamall on March 7 & 8; Robinson’s Galleria, Bonifacio High Street and Robinson’s Ermita within the month.

Get a box of Mallow Puff for free by trying out the Puff and Post vendo machine available in malls around the metro this March.

Get a box of Mallow Puff for free by trying out the Puff and Post vendo machine available in malls around the metro this March.