Hasbro Games to Go! TRAVEL MONOPOLY Fun with the Kids

If you had 1,000 pesos to spend at Lazada Philippines, what would you buy? I initially wanted to get something for hubby but all the ones I liked were way beyond the budget so guess what I ended up purchasing? Hasbro Games!  It would have been more frugal to have bought more useful things but seeing those board games brought back so many wonderful memories that compelled me to buy the game sets.

 photo HasbroGames_zpsdae60e63.jpg

In the cart went a Hasbro Travel Monopoly (P349), a Hasbro Travel Battleship (P349), a Hasbro Scattergories Taster (P150) and a Hasbro Taboo Taster (P150).   I placed the order on a Monday and received them Friday of the same week.  I would have probably received them sooner had it not been for Typhoon Maring.

 photo monopolyfolded_zpsc5c70ae1.jpg

We were booked for an overnight stay at the Summit Ridge in Tagaytay that weekend so we decided to take the Travel Monopoly with us.  It was just roughly the same size as my planner and even weighed much lighter. It was small enough to fit nicely in the front pocket of our luggage.  It can actually fit inside a tote bag or a kid’s backpack.

 photo monopolymamaandkids_zps8ffe62df.jpg

The Hasbro Travel Monopoly comes with 6 plastic tokens, 6 plastic keys, 22 deed cards, 4 railroad property cards, 2 utility cards, a community chest card, a chance card, 3 pcs of dice, houses and hotels, and monopoly money all inside a compact foldable plastic board.  This specific game board is a UK version so don’t expect to see Atlantic City or Park Place.  And instead of Reading, Shortline, B&O, and Pennsylvania you have Fenchurch St., Kings Cross, Marylebone, and Liverpool Stations.

 photo monopolydeedsandhouses_zps10de4d15.jpg

 photo monopolytokens_zps41b9453c.jpg

 photo monopolyinside_zpsae073878.jpg

The game is designed for kids age 8 years old above so we had to adjust the game mechanics for the little ones.  For one, they didn’t have to collect all properties of the same color to buy houses.  We also didn’t wait for anyone to go bankrupt to end the game (if we did, we would still be playing now :-)).  We set a time limit and whoever had the most properties was declared the winner.

 photo monopolykids_zps4a2ee3a3.jpg

The Hasbro Travel Monopoly is very convenient to carry but can only be played indoors though.  The plastic tokens are much too light that they can easily be toppled by a gust of wind.  It’s also impossible to play with it inside the car as there are no magnets or ridges to hold the houses firmly onto the board.  I also wish that the set came with a small tray for holding the monopoly money.  I guess we’ll just have to put our creative juices to work and craft a small tray that would fit inside the box.

 photo monopolywithlola_zpsbaa44634.jpg

It may not be the perfect travel board game but the kids still love the Hasbro Travel Monopoly.  My kids just enjoy throwing the dice and moving their tokens around but it’s actually a great way to hone their basic arithmetic skills (counting dots on dice, spaces, and reading numbers) and to teach them how to count money.  They’re still a bit too young to understand investing and managing their money but they would eventually learn these as well.  Moreover, it teaches them how to take turns and to play fair.  Best of all, we all get to spend some quality bonding time playing together.  If you have kids in the family, I do highly suggest that you take them off their tablets and put board games back on the table.

WINX BELIEVIX FAIRY: Making A Little Girl’s Wish Come True

I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!

My four-year-old still pretty much believes in fairies and the power of pixie dusts.  She never tires of dressing up as a fairy and doning those flimsy fairy wings.  It’s no wonder she was ecstatic to receive these from Richwell Club.


Flora is one of the six Winx fairies in the Believix Dolls collection.  Her shiny glittery fairy wings are detachable and she comes with a butterfly shaped mirror and comb.  My daughter Jade loves to brush her hair and put her own clips on Flora.  She also gushes about how pretty Flora’s dress is and how she loves Flora’s pink boots.


Here’s what my little girl has to say about her new doll:

She has been asking me to get another Believix fairy (actually, she wants all six of them!) because, according to her, Flora is sad because she has no friend and needs another fairy friend to play with. 🙂

When asked if she wants her friends to have a Believix fairy also, she said yes because they’d love to play with the pretty fairies.  So if you have a little daughter who’s as enamored with all things pretty, click here to buy Flora online at www.kidscompany.com.ph.  You may also want to check out the new Harmonix and Magical Hair dolls.



Winx are a group of magical fairies in the mystical dimension of Magix trying to make the grade in fairy school while fighting evil warlocks on the side. Join Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Techna and Layla as they save the world and the last fairy on Earth with the new power called the Believix.

Follow their journey in the Season 4 series of Winx Club every weekday at 4:30 PM on Nickelodeon. And watch these brave fairies in action as they discover new transformations, unlock secrets and go on countless magical adventures together.

Winx merchandise is exclusively distributed by Europlay Distributor Company, Inc. Available at all leading toy stores and department stores nationwide. For more information, call Europlay at telephone numbers 732-5141 to 47 loc 211.

Halfway Done Through Our Christmas List

We were scheduled to go to the Kids Craze Christmas Warehouse Sale this morning.  Unfortunately, our laundry is as high as a mountain already and our house in complete disarray.  So hubby and our little man went toy shopping while our little princess and I did the laundry and attempted to put some order in the house.

Here’s the loot the two men brought home from Kids Craze:


I was a bit sad not to have been able to go to the warehouse sale but my spirits were lifted when I got to do a little bit of shopping as well.  I say a little bit because I went out late and hubby wasn’t with me so I had to buy only what I could manage to carry home by myself.

Here’s what I managed to lug going home:


I managed to save 38% (yes, I computed!) from the regular retail price of my Body Shop purchases by using my Body Shop Rewards and SM Advantage Cards.  Not in the picture are a few toys I bought at SM Department Store.  I found some cool Spiderman coin banks for only 50 pesos each and a one-of-a-kind doll house that opens up like a tool box.  I’m so tempted to get my little princess one for herself but promised hubby I won’t be getting the kids any new toys.  Oh, and SM Department Store also provides free gift wrapping to all shoppers so I have a few less gifts to wrap.

With these new purchases and the items I’ve bought and kept in our gift box throughout the year, our Christmas list is already halfway done.  However, this means I have to face my dreaded Christmas Rush crowd while shopping for the rest of those on our list.  Fortunately, my husband likes to shop and would be willing to do the shopping while I burrow in our cozy home.

KIDS CRAZE 2012: Go Crazy at this Christmas Warehouse Sale!

If, like me, you haven’t finished Christmas shopping yet, head over to KIDS CRAZE with your Christmas list and get toys, apparel, and other gift items at up to 80% off.    You’d go crazy with all the awesome items on sale and not on the additional expense that come with the season.  You not only get to save a hefty sum, you also get to bring smiles to children’s faces when you give them their fave toys.

Last year, we were able to get a Leap Reader for only Php 1,000 from this Christmas Warehouse Sale.  It normally costs around Php 4,000.  That’s just one of the many items we bought for less than half their prices.  I’m so looking forward to going their this weekend!  I wonder what great finds we’ll see this time.


Kids Craze Christmas Warehouse Sale is at #34 Scout Torillo cor Scout Limbaga Quezon City and is open on Dec 7 – 9,  14 – 16, and 19 – 23 from 1 – 6pm on weekdays and Fridays and 9am – 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays.


Find Kids Craze Alphaland Makati at Alphatents at 6/F Southgate Tower 2258 Chino Roces Avenue cor EDSA, Makati City. It’s located right beside the MRT Magallanes Station which makes it very convenient for commuters.  There’s also ample parking space available for those who’ll be bringing their own cars.


Now, if for some reason, you really, really, really can’t go to these two venues, you can still get your kids’ fave toys from Richwell by ordering them online at www.kidscompany.com.ph.  You not only get FREE SHIPPING for orders over Php2000 but can avail of 20% off your first order.  Now there’s no excuse not to get something awesome for those little children who’ve been nice all year round.

As for my two little kids who have been a little bit naughty but mostly nice,  here are some of the items on their list.  Sharing this just in case the ninongs and ninangs are reading this post. 😀


Barbie 1.3mp Digicam for the little girl so she won’t have to borrow Mama’s boring camera.


Oh yeah, all li’l girls love Barbie and mine is no exception. She also wishes that her Believix Fairy, Flora, can have a ‘friend’ and wants another Believix Fairy.


Cicciobello Love and Care would be perfect when she wants to play “mommy”


Boys will be boys…Jakei wants cars, cars, and cars.
Hotwheels wall tracks would be perfect for our small apartment.
He’ll also be thrilled with these Hot Wheels launchers and the Cars Transporter.


Little boy likes Batman also…and Superman…and Spiderman…
Oh, OK, he likes all superheroes.
He’s Super Jak after all. 😛

ZOOBLES: Having a Poppin’ Time with Mama Zoobles and Baby Zoobling

A couple of weeks ago, we received a wonderful gift from Richwell, a box of cute Zoobles!  We have seen these cute collectibles in stores but have not bought one for the kids because they were still toddlers.  Jade is turning 4 though in a month’s time and Jakei has long stopped putting toys in his mouth so this is a perfect time to test the toy out.


Clockwise from top left: Mama Zoobling Penelhoppy 386, Pancake Plush, Nursery Playset, Dazzle Doo, Dazzle Doo in package, Pop Art Rami 441

Zoobles is one of the hottest collectibles for kids because of their unique pop-open feature and cute designs. Each Zooble is different from one another from their colors to their Happitats. This year, the family grows with the Zoobles Mama and Baby collection. Even though the Zoobles are a bunch of magical creatures, they still need help as babies. The Zoobles Mama cares for her baby in fun ways. Each Zoobles baby is called a Zoobling and fits perfectly inside their Mama’s belly! Mama can care for her baby anywhere she rolls.

Each Zoobles Mama and Baby set comes with a unique Zoobling accessory such as a cradle or a baby walker with their little toys. It also comes with a magnetic pad, the Happitat, where Zoobles Mama pops open!


We received the Zoobles Teeter and Totter Collection which came with a Mama Zooble (Teeter #168), a Baby Zoobling (Totter), a Happitat magnetic pad, a baby walker, and two li’l baby accessories.


Aside from the unique pop-open feature and their totally cute designs, we love the Zoobles because they are able to help our children develop varied skills.

    • Handling the tiny pieces develops fine motor skills.  Your little ones must have great control of their tiny fingers to place the Zoobling inside the Mama Zooble. The same goes for taking outof the Mama Zooble’s tummy and placing it in its walker.


    • The pop-open features teach them about cause and effect.  My little daughter doesn’t try to pry open the balled up Mama Zooble anymore.  She now knows that she’ll pop out once she’s placed in her Happitat.  When she wants the Baby Zooble to walk, she also knows that all she needs to do is to press the tiny button on its head to make the feet and the ears pop out.


    • Zoobles is among the many toys that encourages imaginative play.  Though she has since made up different stories about Teeter and Totter,  my four-year-old’s story several minutes after opening the box is most memorable for me: “So, there’s the Mama Zooble and you put her in the Happitat like that (motioning downward). Then she’ll go up like this, Pop!  Then the Baby Zoobling will be inside her tummy.  You put the Baby Zoobling in the…uhm, what’s that, Mama? The one that I had when I was a baby?  … You put the Baby Zoobling in the cradle and she’ll play there with her toys.  When she’s tired, Mama Zooble will put her back inside her tummy and they’ll sleep na.”



One downside of playing with this Zoobles is that my little girl started asking why she couldn’t go back inside MY tummy again. LOL!  well, seeing how she likes playing with her Mama Zooble and Baby Zoobling,  I think I’m getting my little girl a Dazzle Doo for her birthday next month.  This one will cultivate her creativity as it will allow her to design and style her very own Zooble.



Zoobles is exclusively distributed by Europlay Distributor Company, Inc. Available at all leading toy stores and department stores nationwide. For more information, call Europlay at telephone number 732-5141 to 47 loc 211. www.richwell.net

Richwell Trading Corporation is also the distributor of  Mattel Toys:  Barbie, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Polly Pocket,  Uno, Scrabble, Pictionary;  Mega Brands:    Mega Bloks,, Rose Art ;  V –Tech Toys;  Zoobles;  Oregon Scientific;   Chicco;   Shelcore;  Step 2; and Goodyear Tires Servitek


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